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    Hey after the recent software upgrade some of the patches i downloading via preware has disappeared. For example, 'Disable light sensitive dimming' , battery as percentage, virtual keyboard, date as carrier string etc.

    But the patches WERE available in the 'Installed packages' section which means it wasn't deleted by the software update.

    I tried removing and reinstalling it. But some of the patches like the light dimming and the battery as a percentage patches cannot be found/searched in preware, PERIOD. Its completely missing from the patches section.

    Is this a common issue? Any thoughts? How can i fix this?
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    Not all patches have been verified and marked as compatible with webOS 2.2.4, so they are not in the 2.2.4 feed. Personally, I will wait until they are updated and re-install them as they become available.

    Other people have reported you can manually add the 2.2.3 or 2.2.0 feeds to Preware, and many patches seem to work fine even when installed from a previous feed; but there's no guarantee your favourite ones will work.

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    Oh ok got it. i managed to get some of the patches i need except the screen dimming one (its v annoying feature!!).

    Thanks a lot.
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    Does anyone know if Uberernel will work? Reinstalled Govnah but cannot find Uberkernal in Preware. Was going to try 2.2.3 feed.

    Update: Uberkernel just showed up in my Preware BUT says only compatible with 2.20 or 2.2.3 and it won't install :-(
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