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    hi, might it be possible to see if a date or plans to launch kalemsoft media player on the pre3. I checked a few other threads but did not see any obvious confirmation.

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    I would definitely buy it as the built in player on the Pre3 is fairly useless.
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    Same here - I'd buy it.
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    I'd definitely get it. The added screen space would be awesome for short trips!

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    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    I've bought it for both a pre+ and pre2, for the pre3 I went to kalemsoft website and downloaded the ipk for I think 0.3.4 and installed with wosqi. It kinda works, plays in landscape, but the menu has overlays as you scroll down. One reason I'm staying with the pre2 for now (along with whitepages, Ndrive, timepiece).

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