This is my situation, I initially held of on the update because I feared that it would mess with my phone however the constant spontaneous reboots (which I suspect were due to the myriad patches I had installed) were getting to me so I thought meh might as well start fresh and a mate of mine did the update and was singing its praises. So, when I saw that the OTA was available I tried to check System Updates to see if I could get it as well but it was just constantly "checking for system updates". So I downloaded the doctor from Palm's site and gave it a go. The first time around everything went pretty smoothly, I doctored it and went past first use screen and it prompted me to enter my passwords for all the accounts and stuff and booted into the home screen and started downloading all my apps from the catalog. It was doing it over 3G so I thought I'd go connect it to my WiFi network to speed things up. So I launch the WiFi settings card and enter the password and my pre 3 hung. I left it like that for a good 10 minutes or so after which I did the Pre3 equivalent of CTRL ALT DEL. After that the Pre3 wouldn't boot. It would go to the HP logo (not even the glowing one) and just sit there. So I thought, never mind I'll just doctor it again. I've been trying for a two days now but the doctor never seems to go past 12%. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh I think its worth a mention that the first time I redoctored the red light came on in the proximity sensor but now its not there anymore.