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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    not sure on Pre3.... Been beating it up charging wise pretty bad, but noticed the same on our Veers, not so much on Pre and Pre2
    leave wifi on all night ...use device mode to shut off gsm 2am to 8am ...started 100% and noon next day 74% was showing ...not bad
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    In regards to battery life I've found that on all of my WebOs devices battery life has sufferred after each upgrade and subsequent updating of apps, patches etc for at least 3-4 days after. Thereafter my battery life has always either reverted to the previous performance or, as in the case of 2.2.4 increased.

    Some other things I've noticed is that text assist now no longer gives me spelling/word options to click on which is a real pain - however text assist changes never worked when using the Facebook app so maybe its a blessing in disguise...

    I was suffering with lots of lag (despite tinkering with different kernal settings etc) and the update has solved this and also made the video file swifter to open.

    The web browser seems to be quicker and likewise the Maps app is too. This also now has a better refresh rate and doesn't seem to drop out too often now.

    Can't seem to change any of my Palm Profile settings from my phone whereas I was previously.

    The camera app is quicker at focussing and also capturing a pic - which is great as with a speedy toddler in the house I can now get better pictures instead of a blur.

    Look forward to future improvements as I love my Pre3.

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    Ok guys, it seems that leaving Wi-Fi on causes crazy battery consumption (SURPRISE!!!)..
    With Wi-Fi off (Data, BT, GPS also off), the battery went from 100% to 95% in about 10+ hours, so.. Not bad?
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