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    I wonder if it's possible to use the touchpad's Theme on a Pre3? The Exhibition-app use it, too, so it should be possible, shouldn't it?

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    what exactly do you mean by touchpad theme? Do you mean the default webOS theme or the type of theme developed for touchpad that would be available in preware? The latter may work, however as touchpad interface runs Enyo and most of pre3s uses Mojo, a lot of it might not work
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    I mean this one:

    Do oyu know where the clock application is stored?
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    not sure where that app is. i think it is also built on enyo, while most of the rest of pre3 interface is built on mojo. however do not quote me on this as i am not a seasoned webos user and am quite new to it. also there was an article which said how to change the background image of that clock, the files for exhibition might be near it
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    This is on my Verizon's pre3 while charging. Is that what you are looking for?
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    Just touch the screen of your Pre3 while charging on the touchstone and it changes the screen to the theme you show ;-)
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    I have no Touchstone ... and I would like to use it all the time^^
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    From preware get modeswitcher. add new mode, add trigger (battery, charging wired), set action (open exhibition). Done!

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