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    Still waiting to pick up a pre 3 to continue to support webOS (Using a nexus s with ICS at the moment).

    Just wondering if there is any plan to unify all webOS devices to a common version. E.g. update the Pre 3 and maybe 2 to webOS 3.0?

    One problem seems to be that 3.0 is a little bit uglier (unfinished?) and it seems to run like a pig considering that 2.2.4 is buttery smooth (better than nexus S) on my Pre 2 and presumably on the Pre 3.
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    3.0 is designed for tablets with no gesture area but a large screen, 2.x is designed for phones. The original plan was to have a version 4.x which would unify them. It wouldn't make sense to port 3 to a WebOS phone.

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