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    I haven't fully confirmed this yet, but my ATT Pre3 doesn't seem to auto-dim any more after installing the 2.2.4 update. Anyone else notice this? So far I haven't noticed any other differences.

    I know a lot of people complained about the autodimming being too aggressive, but I actually liked it because I could leave my brightness set around 15% for daylight hours, and it would automatically dim all the way down at night or indoors.
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    It still do auto-dim after update on my Preł. But not so aggressive.
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    Yep, confirmed. Auto dimming still works, and actually feels like working a lot better
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    I have the patch installed for Reduce Minimum Brightness to 5... Maybe that is my problem. Do you guys have that?
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    stupid auto dimmer ****es me off, lol.

    glad to hear its working better or maybe I'll just patch it out lol
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    It works OK, but with more direct light...
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    I was almost ready to throw a party after reading the headline...then I read that it still worked. I always patch it out if I can, but I also need the brightness in device menu patch again. I prefer to manage my own brightness.
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    If it works better I'm looking forward to it. I have it patched out on 2.2.3, because it would go dim and bright continuously, even when sitting motionless in a well lit room. I'd prefer auto-brightness if it works right.

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