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    Greetings all,

    I've had a Pre+ since the beginning, debating switching to Android, before I came to my senses and ordered a Pre 3 off eBay, which just arrived.

    I've been scouring the forums, but am a bit unclear on the best way to migrate from my active Pre+ to the new device. My plan is just to follow the on-screen start-up directions on the Pre 3, add the device to My Verizon and switch the number over, then let the OTA update take care of getting me to 2.2.4.

    As Feeds is the only non-standard app I find essential, I was just going to manually recreate my accounts.

    Does that sound reasonable? Did I forget something critical in all the various forum posts I've been cruising through over the past month?

    Thanks much,
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    Some of your old apps might not be available for the Pre 3, so beware that these won't be automatically downloaded to your Pre 3 after logging in to your Palm Profile.
    The app "Feeds" seems to be available though, I see it in the App catalog (German catalog).
    Other than that, migrating should be as easy as just logging in to your profile on your new device. Accounts (Gmail, Facebook etc.) should be there, except the passwords.
    Can't tell you anything about the Verizon number switch thing
    Maybe I'm forgetting something, if so someone might point it out
    Cheers and congrats for coming to your senses
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    With a bit of trepidation, I did exactly what you are contemplating (Verizon Pre+ to Verizon Pre3). It went very smooth for me. I used the online activation (through My Verizon) and it even let me keep my unlimited data plan - though Mobile Hotspot went away. I would say that about 80% of my apps came across - most showing up in the smaller Pre+ view, but fully functional. The only one that I would have liked to come across that did not was the KalemSoft Media Player (a reply to an email to them indicated they will probably not update for the Pre3). If you are like me, you will really like the Pre3.

    Just be sure to follow the advice and have your Pre3 updated to at least ver. 2.2.3 before activating (mine came with ver 2.2.0 - discussions are somewhere on this site). As I said it went very smoothly for me.
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    If you use Save/Restore, you can copy the saved data from the old device to the new device. It may not be worth the effort if there's only one app with data you care about though.

    After you sign into your profile on the Pre3, it will download your apps. But also remove them from your Pre+. If you put your Pre+ into airplane mode before doing so, it will not know about this and will still have everything. That way you can still get data off it if you need to.
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    Is there anyway to determine which version the phone is on when the phone is still in first-run state?

    Additionally, I was doing a test run through the My Verizon device switching thing, selected Palm and then it asked for my "device id." Is this the same as the Hex ID? Further, is it save to assume that once they have said ID, they'll be able to determine which type of device it is?

    Thanks for everyone's help thus far!


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