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    Well, after much deliberation I bought a Pre3 on ebay. Unfortunately, I have my Pre- on a Sprint contract till February. I'm going to see if I can get out of it before then. Enough with the back story. I have a couple questions for this great community -

    1) I'm going to go with a unlimited prepaid plan since I can't have Sprint and I don't want to go to AT&T and Verizon. Could you give me the low down on companies. I've heard good things about H+.

    2) I want all my contacts from my Pre- without having to manually put them in. Is there any other way besides switching the Pre3 to the current webOS acct?

    3) Do I need to unlock the phone and get a sim card or am I able to use the one I have (AT&T) with the prepaid plan? I've heard conflicting answers.

    Thanks for all your input.
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    The prepaid sims that come with the gophones won't work. If you find that's the case, go to an official ATT store and ask for a new sim for you gophone acct. They should just grab a regular sim and register it. I was told that there a ($25 ish) fee in some service areas. I was able to do this gratis here (Eugene, Oregon), and even pick up an extra blank one, for you know, whatever.

    As to contacts, if you don't want to push them up to a google, yahoo or exchange acct, then using your webos profile is easiest option. Maybe save/restore will let you restore them to a different webos profile. Can anyone speak to this?
    Oh, welcome to the Pre3 club :-)
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    I recommend that you not keep contacts in the webOS profile. Wherever they are syncing from on to your pre-, they will sync fine to your pre3. You can use impostah to log in and sync them to your pre3 before you activate it.

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