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    Hi All,

    I hope some of you can help me. I have recently tried to activate a new Pre3 with a T-mobile NL sim in the Netherlands. But I can't get a data connection.
    I fear that the dutch T-Mobile is not recognized/activated in a Pre3.. Is there a way that can do that..?
    I had a look at the solution for the Palm Pre, but from what I read the .db3 database solution doesn't work anymore for WebOS 2.2.x..

    Am I screwed, or can this be fixed..? I have a second Pre3 with a Vodafone business sim, and that works fine..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    Good news, got it to work..!!

    Problem was the default APN was somehow picked wrongly from the network I assume. I had to add them manually.

    Use the following values :

    APN name - internet
    user name - tmobile
    password - tmobile

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