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    Hi, I got a Touchpad out of the "fire sale" last August, I am really thrilled with it for the purposes I need it, the email client alone is far superior to anything else I have seen. love it.

    So being a fan of the Web OS, I have just bought second hand a Pre 3 in mint condition, unlocked, it is sitting across the room from me charging on its touchstone, later I will open it and drop my SIM card in (Vodafone) and start setting it up, since I am familiar with Web OS from my Touchpad, I kind of know what to do.

    But I have some questions:

    What interconnectivity can I expect, can the Touchpad share the Pre 3s data connection to GPRS/HSDPA/Edge/3G networks? does it do that by Bluetooth, or does the Pre make a mini Wifi Hotspot?

    Is it best to use the same Web OS account on both devices, or separate Web OS accounts

    I read that there are some clever features for interconnectivity but do not know what those are in any detail,

    I would love to have answers before I set up the Pre 3 for first time, since "pairing" it with my touchpad will be one of the first things I do

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    interconnectivity is Via hotspot. YOu have to add subscription to that or use freetether from preware

    Best use the same webos account in them so that all the details of your synergy accounts will be in your touchpad, including the paid apps that are compatible with the pre 3.

    interconnectivity between the TP and pre3 includes, touch to share, getting your sms and phone calls from your pre3 to your touchpad (the sms feature is my favorite)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, can I ask for a bit more info

    I will be installed a Vodafone SIM in the Pre 3, the SIM is on a contract that has a good internet allowance and that also allows tethering, do I need to do anything else apart from enable the Wifi hotspot feature on the Pre, and connect to it on the TP

    I will try using the same Web OS account

    Re Touch to share etc, are there any instructions on the web for those features?
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    After you have set up your WebOS account on the pre3, give it time to synch your account to the phone (can take a while depending on how many apps you have).

    The second thing you will need to do is take your pre3 and hold the logo on the back to the square home button on the touchpad (make sure both are on, unlocked, and active). Hold it there until you see a wave travel across the screen on the touchpad. When your device asks if you want to allow SMS synch, say YES.

    After this is done, go into your bluetooth preferences on your pre3 and hit the "i" next to the name on your touchpad. Make sure that all settings are set to "on." (note here: if Auto-Connect is set to on, you MAY experience some audio blips when answer a call if they are trying to reconnect - if this happens often, turn auto-connect to off and you will have to manually re-connect when back in range. I personally think it is not worth turning auto-connect off).

    Next, got to the webos internals website and follow the instructions for loading preware on your devices. Load freetether on your pre3 for free hotspot access. With the current build of freetether you may have to reboot your pre3 after your tethering session.

    Last, search these forums for details on all of the wonderful patches out there that allow your devices to run better than released!
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    Oh, and ABSOLUTELY use the same account. Most apps only have to be paid for once!
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    Thanks, I joined the Forum today, and already have got my TP printing to my Brother printer thanks to downloading a small print server application to a PC which tends to be "always on"

    The TP for my use is proving superb, and really prompted the purchase of a PRe 3 after a very disappointing time with an Adroid phone
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    Thanks for help so far.
    Crikey, I am having some frustrations, remember I am very familiar with Web OS from my touchpad so these are not general Web OS questions.
    I got my SIM in, calls made and received. I have connected to my Wifi network so all downloading is nice and fast through the internet.

    First problem… I have a constant error message on home page “Maps Download Failed”. Under applications “Maps” is greyed out with a Yellow ! on it.

    Next problem… Google, Yahoo, Linked In, Facebook, accounts all entered and were all synchronised, my contacts list filled up with all my contacts from these sources then about an hour later all but a few contacts (saved to SIM card) disappeared, under Contacts top left button, I went to preferences and accounts, all the accounts I had created were shown, but when I opened any, in each case the password had disappeared and it seemed I was not logged in, on re-entering the password (I tried a yahoo account and my Skype account) I got a red message “unknown error”

    I had to do a battery out/in reset, which was not a good start to my Pre 3 experience

    I decided to set up some speed dials. I set up speed dials for 3/T, 4/D, 5/F 6/G, these worked fine from the physical buttons, but do not work at all from the numeric keypad on the phone touchscreen page this is a real shame, to have to slide open the keypad only when you want a speed dial is such a shame. It takes away some of the “speed”.

    One of my daughters numbers seems to have morphed in to being an extra number under my wifes entry, and her entry where the number used to be stored suddenly has no phone number ( it does still on the TP though)

    Making sense of multiple entries for same person is not great. Plenty of my contacts would be in multiple contacts list, facebook, linked in, Skype etc. Worst example is this: My wifes name is Una: if I start with all cards close, open contacts and type Una I get three search results, and cannot see from the 3 results which is imported from where upon selecting one of them, the only one with a thumbnail, I can see three phone numbers (mobile, landline etc), and her email address, although there is a “Set Speed Dial function” under drop down, there is no Add to favourites. The other two other search results which I found are as follows: 1. contains only her mobile number and 2. is her skype name. But for sure she is in there…. Now… when I again start from all cards closed, and touch the phone symbol and then favourites icon and click “Add Favourites” contact list appears, and I type “una” but now only get her Skype Name in the results, when I really want to select landline for one favourite and mobile for another favourite from the first entry above.

    lots of other questions will come
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdch View Post
    Next, got to the webos internals website and follow the instructions for loading preware on your devices. Load freetether on your pre3 for free hotspot access. With the current build of freetether you may have to reboot your pre3 after your tethering session.
    Sorry to be dim, where do I find the webos internals website, on the phone? on the touchpad? which? any chance of some more information on this particular issue...

    Today, using my PC, I logged in to my SKype account and did a load of maitenance to my Skype address book, I also logged in to my Yahoo account and did a load of maintenance on my Yahoo contacts. I deleted those accounts from my Pre 3, add them again, and recreated the speed dials and favourites with a better understanding of what was coming from where (because I had a fresh overview of those 2 old accounts and did them one at a time)

    Alot of yesterdays issues seem solved now

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    Main Page - WebOS Internals

    Lots of info there. Familiarize yourself w/ it.
    The Preware Homebrew Documentation app from the store is indispensable.

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