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    Yep, last night, on the concrete - face down - totally shattered the screen.

    The insides don't seem to be humming along either.

    Anybody know if there is a glass repair kit available?

    I'm so bummed.
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    That's sad to hear, I had a close call. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any kits around. eBay would be your best bet or you can buy mine.
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    How much? Condition?

    I need it right away also.
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    I'd do $240 including shipping. Does that work for you?

    It's a 16GB unlocked model.

    I'll throw in a Touchstone too.

    Condition is pretty good but it has a small ding/crack on the top but otherwise almost perfect. Original box and accessories.
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    Ouch.... I don't know that there is a huge market for the gorilla glass for the Pre 3. There are companies that will tinker and perhaps fix. Unfortunatley, I think your best bet is to buy another Pre 3.
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    You should put the phone on ebay for parts ASAP or wait till new ones cost $500.00
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    Check Amazon. That's where I bought mine.

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    THANKS guys - for all the advise!

    I've already been contacted to scrap out my cracked one - several from this site alone.

    Any thoughts about the price for an otherwise fine Pre 3?

    I bought my 'new' one from Ebay and picked it up in my neighborhood - lucky I guess.

    Thanks again!
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    I have brand new available to sell....PM me if anyone interested

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