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    Hello all,

    I'm a Touchpad user, I snagged a 32 GB model during the fire sale and so far I've been extremely happy. However, one quirk that it has is its low screen sensitivity. I'm pretty sure that this has to do with the OS, as installing some Preware patches has helped it (far from fixing it entirely, mind you). Compared with my mother's iPad, there's no competition, the Touchpad just doesn't always react to my touch.

    I'm looking into picking up a Pre3, so I'm wondering if it has a similar problem. I'm a bit disappointed with the TP in that aspect, and I'd like my phone to register my touch every time.

    So, Pre3 owners, do you have this problem?

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    I have just sometimes and mainly its because the screen is dirty. Screen clean I dont have a prob. I dont use a sock anymore but a rather heavy case to protect this expensive phone. If I had a sock it would stay cleaner.
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    Thanks for the reply,

    When it's clean, how does it compare to the TP's screen clean? Also, does something like a screen protector affect it at all?

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    I think the screen is fine - the webOS itself can have brief moments where it freezes for a second or so.
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    There are patches that can modify sensitivity or responses (tap parameters in general) on the Pre 3. You'll simply have to try it as these things are all subjective at best.
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    I have only experienced superb touch sensitivity. It's much better than it was on my Pre Plus. I'd say it's on par with my old man's iPhone 4. That's just my Pre3, though.

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    So far, so good with the my Pre 3 touch sensitivity. no lag or freeze ups for me.
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    Pre3 screen sensitivity better then TouchPad. Especially there are patches help Pre 3 performance like iPhone. Such Mojo FPS booster, Mojo Top Responsiveness, Mojo Flick Regulator, Increase Touch Sensitivity and smoothness. If You combine all of them you will see how great Pre 3 performance. TouchPad screen will have better performance if you don't put any screen guard. I just put off cheap screen guard from my TouchPad. And the feel of the screen better now. But on my TouchPad, I still have problem screen stop to work at all. Need to turn off screen and turn it on again after a minute or do soft reset to make it back normal again.

    Back to your question: Don't hesitate to buy Pre 3. it is a great webOS phone. And have far better quality compared to original Pre. And it is works very great with TouchPad.

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