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    It is AT&T branded -- anything I needto know about setting it up? Also, I want to convert my Pre- into a WiFi only device. If anybody has advice on how to do his, I'd appreciate it.

    Finally, I'm sure all of this information is already posted somewhere, so please accept my apology for inept searching. Links to other pages would be helpful, snarky comments about how I should find it on my own will not be helpful.

    thanks all!
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    For the WiFi pre- you need to meta-doctor see here

    You should also download the save restore app before you meta doctor, yo save any supported 3rd party apps' data. You can find it in preware.

    As far as the pre3 is concerned definitely download uberkernel from preware, also govnah, also the disablement sensitive dimming patch, & pixel perfect multipart menus

    Patches to stay away from are anything w Mojo in the title

    Oh and you could've just searched :-P
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