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    Hello All,
    My situation sucks. I purchased a Pre 3 4G for at&t and the first time trying to use Skype caused my phone to restart itself without being prompted. Upon restart the phone remained frozen on the HP logo, without glowing or any sign of progress.

    I was advised to connect to a power source, press "Orange equivalent, SYM & R", and finally to hold the Power Button and toggle the vibrate switch three times. Purchasing a new battery did not fix this issue. The phone itself has no physical or water damage, and before knowing that webOS doctor was an option for reboot (hp agent didn't bother to mention it) I switched to my Veer for daily use, because I thought I had exhausted all options.

    Now logging into my Palm Profile only my touchpad & veer are listed as devices to run webOS doctor. Is there any other hope for my device?
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    Yes. You need to boot into recovery mode and run the doc.
    Sorry no time for links, just search for it.
    You can only have one phone (but multible touchpads) on one profile. So the pre3 got deleted when you activated the Veer on same profile.
    Search for webosinternals doctor versions. They have a good site pointing you to your doctor.
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    I was able to locate the correct webos doctor for my device using this site & my pre3 serial number. When the doctor should start running the reboot I get this message: "Error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file". I may just not be familiar with the program, but can anyone offer assistance? I was able to get my pre3 into the usb device mode, I really thought it was going to work without a snag until the error.
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    Are you having the latest jre installed on the computer ? (just to make sure)
    32 or 64 bit os ? (don't know if this actually matters, with the doctor. but other people maybe can express opinions based on this information)
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    I gave up. Sad, but its on ebay if you'd like to search: 290658907456. Good price, 2 batteries, charger etc. (((
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    Sad to hear it...

    did you ever try to use a different computer ? Or to change the jre ?

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