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    I recently sold my HP Touchpad, wanted to get an Android phone instead which I did. HTC Sensation, I disliked the glitzy overlay on it, as a whole the OS seemed unpolished, crude. I do miss webOS on the TP!

    I was wondering if you Pre 3 owners would recommend getting a Pre 3 if I really enjoyed webOS 3.0.4 on the Touchpad? I liked the design, the swiping of cards, the skype integration and so on.

    I currently own a Windows Phone which I want to keep too, I like clean designs. But im somehow intrigued by a Pre 3, slideout keyboard and whatnot.

    You guys happy with it?

    Is it dead? Will HP not update it anymore? Or do you think that open source will spawn various community builds?

    Other than that they seem to be quite hard to get a hold of at the moment, pricey for a discontinued product.
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    I bought an AT&T HP Pre3 4G. I really like it. webOS was meant to run on this hardware. I was coming from an AT&T Palm Pre Plus, and it's everything I loved about it, just improved. I upgraded to an HTC TITAN on "Black Saturday". I got it for $0.01. Right now I'm between selling the Pre3 or keeping it. From what I've heard, it won't be updated past webOS 2.2.3. Either way, would I rather have it stored away as memorabilia? Or would I rather have $225.00+ in the bank? I don't know.
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    It depends what you need. My Verizon Pre3 is a reasonably good phone, better than my pre2. If you need specialized apps for work, that aren't out on webOS, then I wouldn't count on them. The form-factor is excellent. The user interface is outstanding. But problems in OS are unlikely to be solved now, so it is hard for devs to code good basic apps like alarm apps that work reliably like in Android or iOS, though Timepice is coming along.

    As much as I like my Pre3 that I paid $500 for, now I wish I hadn't now, as my most crucial app, LexiComp doesn't run on it like I assumed it would. Now I have to settle for a distant 2nd best and take my Tablet to work to do medical things I used to do on Pre2.

    But as a phone, Pre3 is a lot nicer to use. Better camera and far better GPS, too. Can finally scan bar codes, too, as it focuses.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have used Android on a Droid 3 and iPhone 4. Have never tried windows. I have 2 Pre 3's on Verizon and one (wife) on ATT. I have been most happy with the Verizon Pre 3. The only and I mean only downside is that some of my more relevant Pre 2 apps have not made it with me to the Pre 3. Verizon cell service and the visual voicemail and Skype are so much better than ATT pre 3 implementation that I will say that I would switch for the Verizon Pre 3, not so much the ATT pre 3. I also find navigator works better and faster on the Verizon. I do not miss or wish for an Android or an Apple cell phone and I had the original Nexus One and loved it (not enough RAM).
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    Wait for a few months and Ill sell you mine for $250.00 like new. Im sure it will be updated. Great phone!!!!!!!!!
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    The pre3 is wunderbar. As mentioned look if all apps you need are available.
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    I have been using an at&t Pre now for almost 3 months am really pleased with it, it is nice to have webOS on really well built platform. My Nav app on my at&t Pre 3 works very well, very fast in finding my location and implementing and so far has not let me down. Both the screen and keyboard are awesome and I've had no issues with lag, freezing and reboots. If you love webOS and want to continue on with it, the Pre 3 is the way to go IMO. While they say the Faux G (4G) is not real 4G, it is plenty fast, much better than 3G on Sprint and with FreeTether and syncing messaging it is a great companion for my TouchPad. I bought mine on ebay for $200 with free shipping and I love this phone so much I purchased another one for a backup.
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    Hopefully I'll be getting one soon. Was going to go with an unlocked UK model but think imma get an AT&T one and meta doctor it for tmobile use. Yes I know it will only be 2.5 edge data but I don't care. I have wifi in the 3 main places I be so I should be alright.

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    Best phone ever :-)
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    I just bought one on ebay, I'm very excited!
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    I snagged one off eBay about two weeks ago; like you, I tried the Android and iOS offerings for a few months, and just didn't like it. Not there there's anything wrong with either, perse' - it was just a personal thing, I just didn't care for them.

    The Pre3 is fabulous, IMHO. Everything I loved about my older Pre's, snappy response, great form factor, and well worth a few Benjamins to any fan of WebOS.

    Just be ready to talk about it, though - it's definitely an attention getter. When I went into the AT&T store to swap my micro SIM out for a full sized one, I had a crowd of about 10 (and some were the staffers) wanting to eyeball it. Quite a few of them were drooling...
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...

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