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    Hi, i got yesterday my new pre 3 (i'm from Europe, bought as new&sealed from ebay) and i find it a fantastic phone. I have a question though: after i restored my backup from my Veer (at&t, unlocked) i noticed in the "accounts" app, that there was, together with my sim card, also a "removed sim-card" with the number of it; on top of it the name of the phone was "Dr. Skipped Firstuse - HP Pre 3".

    Now, i don't remember if i did these things on my Veer (i did put 2 sim cards and i can't recall if i "skypped the first use"), BUT, can it be that the backup restored saves even those things? Or it is only possible that the phone was used already?

    The phone even smells as new, so, if it was used, it must have been for short. Thing is that the slider moves a bit up/down and i kind of can't bare it. And not knowing if it was a new phone or not, makes me wonder if it was misused and the slider got compromised or if it is a faulty unit.

    Thanks for any help you might get me guys!

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    Nobody? I need to give a feedback to the ebay seller, and i'm starting to think that the backup of webos really backs up ALL what was in the palm account (i had a pre, a pixi plus, a veer.....), so it might be my very old sim card registered.....

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