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    Well I received the Pre 3 yesterday and managed to grab a few minutes with it before I had to head out to a meeting. Nice, very nice. However, upon sliding out the keyboard I noticed a distinct (and annoying) wobble where the sliders meet. Not a lateral "side to side" wobble (I believe it's referred to as the oreo effect) but rather a vertical movement between the two halves. Imagine using the keyboard and then using the gesture area (touching it / sliding etc.) to do something, and this part of the phone would actually compress down a couple of mm's upon being pressed and "click" onto the keyboard part of the phone beneath it. It was verging on wobbly. I wish I wasn't bothered by it, but I was. A lot. I "uhmed" and "ahhd" about what to do. I don't know if I had a bad one, or whether every QWERTY Pre 3 suffers from this, but it's being sent back. Due to there being only one other Pre 3 in stock at Ebuyer I've bought that BEFORE I have received a refund, so I'm hoping that this other phone doesn't suffer from the same "fault" or else my experience with WebOS will have been very, very brief. And I really want to get to grips with the OS and spend some decent time with it because I think it could be fantastic to use. So apologies to anyone who may have been looking to get a Pre 3 from Ebuyer. I feel ever so slightly guilty that I've actually had two of them, knowing how rare they are! Is this loose slider a common fault amongst other Pre 3 owners? Or did I get a duff one? Here's hoping that it was the latter, and not the former!
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    Mine is doing the same thing, it's wobbling vertically, and very small oreo effect. I think it's bound to happen on Pre factor?
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    I've had my UK Pre3 for nearly four months - no wobble at all. I think you're wise to replace yours.
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    3 months with my Pre 3 and no wobble, hardware issue not a form factor, smart move to return it.
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    Got the impression the slider is re-designed so that I wobbles in/out instead left/right ie slinder mechanism is tilted compared to the previous versions.
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    no problem with at&t pre 3 . It is without doubt the best hardware and webos phone ever. You must have a dud
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    My AT&T Pre3 4G's sliding mechanism remains solid. I'm surprised, actually.

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    My ATT Pre 3 is solid.
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    my ebuyer pre3 arrived this week. It seems solid to me and a vast Improvement on my pre2.

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