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    Basically I want to know where in the OS to look for log messages that may help explain what's going on.

    Subject says it all. I've shaken it around and knocked it and it stays on so definitely not the battery (though have removed and reseated this and no difference). I did have preware and a number of patches so removed them all and did an erase apps and data, then put preware and save/restore back on to bring back my settings but it's still doing it, no other modifications apart from having downloaded all the apps in my profile from the app catalog.

    Last night and tonight it seemed to do it about the same time though other days it's restarted during the day. This last time I'd just finished a game of Sparkle and the phone was just sitting there fine, looked back 10 seconds later and it was restarting. When it's restarted it's asking for the PIN for the SIM card if that helps identify what type of restart it is.

    Can anyone give me some pointers as to where to start hunting for the problem? I'm assuming it's a hardware or OS-related issue rather than an application. I was poking around before the big erase in /var/log/messages and it had some stuff there but I'm not sure what sort of thing I should be looking for (since the erase muffle system logging is off so the log's got loads of stuff in it). Plus the timestamp doesn't respect regional settings so it's not obvious exactly what time the events were logged.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    I have also experienced this the last two weeks. But it stopped happening yesterday after I removed all the 'Advanced System Prefs' patches except the framwork patch. For me it was mostly restarting related to incoming calls or other phone activities.

    I am not sure it is gone for sure. But it did happen a lot before. But now it was over a day since last time.
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    THanks. I don't have that installed so I guess that rules that one out.

    One question... I had Uberkernel installed and it was working fine well before the restarting problem came. I uninstalled it, but do I need to install the recovery kernel to put the phone back to its factory state or will uninstalling uberkernel do this?
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    Hi There,

    For your interest, my Pre3 also started to reset itself for about a week at the start of December but has since "fixed it's self".

    I put it down to the fact that the HP Backup service was down during this time as I noticed that the last backup was the 1st December which was the same time that the resets started..............was the resets related to that issue? Who knows?

    I thought I may have a lemon, but all seems good now.

    Glad I have a backup unit in case this little baby does die one day!

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    never experienced it
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    I have also had that problem, I don't know what causes it, but generally placing it on touchstone for while will remedy the problem until it appears again a few weeks later or so, or at least it has worked for me.
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    Almost 3 months, not one freeze up or reboot. Running many patches including the "Advanced System Prefs" but not the uberkernel.
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    Damn, this has started again but I'm on a different device now (first Pre3 got a buzzy speaker so it's in storage). Where do I find the logs of what's going on? I've just installed muffle system logging and remove overlord monitoring to hopefully make it more obvious if it's in /var/log/messages but would really appreciate some pointers from others who've had this. Backup is working fine.

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