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    I'm in Australia and all incoming calls are coming up as from 'Unknown' even though the number is assigned to a single contact in my address book. After lots of changes (including removal of patches and a full erase) I found the problem is fixed when I change regional settings from the AU dial plan (+61) to the US plan (+1). I must admit I don't know what this setting does; the only difference I've noticed is that the numbers are visually formatted differently. For example, with the US plan a mobile (er, 'cellphone') number has no spaces in it (0411123456) and if I dial 1800 it comes up 1 (800), whereas in the AU plan it adds spaces between certain digits (0411 123 456) and just plain 1800, which is how we normally represent these numbers. Interestingly in my address book I have numbers stored in the AU format, but when the numbers show up on an incoming call there are no spaces.

    I note that Rod has a Fix AU dial plan patch but he said this simply makes it so you can dial 1300 and 1800 numbers when on the AU dial plan. This didn't help with contact name matching when I had it installed.

    So can someone please explain:
    1) What the dial plan setting does so I know if I'm losing or gaining something I don't want to, and
    2) Why contact names aren't matched when the dial plan is for the country in which I'm operating

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    For Calls in australia ,this can be fixed by changing the regional settings to 'Other'

    SMSes are still affected though.
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    Hello members,
    I just got a Pre3, and have had the same trouble. Not a real drama, but thanks for the tip. The problem I'm annoyed about is I cannot get the GPS to work, which, I think, is really what makes a 'smartphone' smart.
    Do you blokes know of any way to see what is actually happening with the GPS, or telling it where I am?
    I know with 'normal' handheld GPS's, you have to tell it where you are (at first startup) and I'm thinking the Pre3 GPS thinks it's in the good ol' USA, and can't work out why everything is upside down.
    I've run the interactive test, which just times out. The GPS seems to be on, but not working.
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    it works fine for me in brisbane on bing maps
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    I have exactly the same issue with an ATT Pre3. I could be wrong, but I think that this has only happened since the 2.2.4 update? Setting phone format to +1 or 'other' does not rectify the issue difference. Can we narrow down which models/updates are affected, as neither my previous Pre (eu) or Pre+ (us) had this issue.

    Edit: more tests done. I compared a UK Pre3 (before and after upgrade 2.2.3 to 2.2.4) with the ATT Pre3 behaviour. I removed all patches from both phones before testing. I can say that:
    1) the UK Pre3 correctly recognises the contacts for incoming calls - under both 2.2.3 and 2.2.4.
    2) the ATT Pre3 (under 2.2.4) does not recognise the contacts for incoming calls, regardless of whether they are stored as 0407 xxx xxx or +61 407 xxx xxx.
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