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    I had this problem and tried out several solutions (reboot, switch wifi, etc.) and none worked.
    I could surf if I knew the IP address of the target, but DNS was not working.

    The solution that worked out for me was to apply the patch "WAN DNS Uses Google"

    After that I got DNS back. and everything works fine again.

    Why does WebOS loses DNS? I checked resolv.conf at /etc and it just had the localhost ( Where else should one check this out?

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    hi guys, i am reviving this thread since this has helped me with my "unable to resolve host" problem on my pre 3 2.2.4 in 2015! the patch is in the 2.2.3 feed so i went to preware and added:
    Index of /feeds/webos-patches/2.2.3/
    i thought it would be important to mention the change in the preware feeds link
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