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    I've bought an Preł AT&T version from Ebay. It was supposed to be unlocked, but was certainly not.

    First problem was to network unlock it. After a lot of trying and failing I got that done. Since I am a mac user I used this method: HP Pre 3 Unlock Instructions . In my case it was impossible to get through without turning off sim-lock with another phone, otherwise I couldn't get to the network unlock screen.

    Setup account however has been a troublesome chapter pushing limits of patience beyond imagination.

    The silly region bound setup procedure was really a pain in the …, even back when I bought my touchpad some months ago this kind of stupid setup-limits was frustrating enough. As I am living in Norway and thus being part of the majority of the world never getting WebOS products directly, I had to import also that one from eBay. There was also need for a virtual bankcard In that process. I made an German one since Germany is accepted for the appstore. Chosing uk english and german appstore has worked well since, despite kindleapp only beeing available in the US for some silly reason.

    Little did I know that the Preł AT&T version could not be set up with the same account. I tried with doctoring it, imposthaing it, deleting and trying all over, in out with sim card you name it. No explanaition given either that could tell me that it was impossible to set it up with my existing webos account. So I allmost gave up-, just to try creating a new account which went through without problems.

    I was a little fed up at the end I must confess, though very happy I found a way to get it to work at least. Why the heck make setup so damn stupid!

    Status now: Phone wants to be AT&T and english or spanish. App-catalogue shows only free apps, don't know how to enable paid yet. Otherwise phone acts normally and gets 3g network here in Oslo. Pairing with Touchpad is also workning. Charging well from touchstone and iMac.

    My question is:
    - Can I europeanify it by using Preł European version from webOSdoctor or would it break/brick the phone? Has anybody tried it yet?
    - Is there other ways to get it to behave as a phone for Europe like getting uk region settings with german appstore access (since my virtual bank card is german)?
    - Any other tricks that someone knows about?
    - Where to get eu-ac-plugs by the way :-)

    Hope my messy post does give some insight and prełcaution and I hope HP, if they resume WebOS product lines-, ease their rigid regional setup rules for a more open user friendly and "real world like" approach.
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    for my information, the ATT Pre3 will work with european bandwidths? and the unlocked one you bought wasn't really unlocked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by G.Vos View Post
    for my information, the ATT Pre3 will work with european bandwidths? and the unlocked one you bought wasn't really unlocked?
    The Preł AT&T version does indeed work with the european GSM 2100 mhz band. It is the frequency used for 3g and hsdp networks which is the latest and greatest for mobile communication. As far as I know it should work well in most situations on european cellular networks. I am sure someone else can explain this better than me, but as I understand it this phone differs from the european Preł version such as instead of being able to communicate on the gsm 900 mhz band ("used everywhere in Europe") it can do the 850 mhz band ("Used in the USA"). In practice this could mean that you get weaker signal in rural areas, but as I said it has worked nice for me.

    About the locked state of the phone. You should maybe make sure that it really is an unlocked phone before buying or bidding on Ebay, or you could take the risk and posibly have to unlock it yourself with like I had to. I did it here: HP Pre 3 Unlock Instructions. I have no clue to wether these AT&T version Preł's usually are unlocked or locked. Mine was unfortunately carrier locked.

    One good thing is that the new webosdoctor for Preł (AT&T version) did solve some issues. I could after doctoring it with version 2.2.4 of the software to log in with my webos-account and thus gain access to appstore.

    One thing to mention is that my phone did not have support for skype, and this has not been added with the software update to 2.2.4. Most Preł's does come skype as part of messaging app, as far as I know this means every Preł except some of those AT&T destined ones. Read other posts in the forums about this issue.

    Overall, the phone is great and a joy to use. Battery time may be short if signal is weak. Camera is not of the best, but works okay. Phone feels solid and good. For me this is my best phone ever and it is also fun to play with.
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    I believe you can achieve a 'Europeified' AT&T Pre 3 with the meta doctor. Flash the European / ROW version but don't flash the modem. I don't know if this would indeed work though, it's just a thought.
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    You may want to try impersonation:

    Pre 3 Impersonation - WebOS Internals

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    Quote Originally Posted by g7 View Post
    You may want to try impersonation:

    Pre 3 Impersonation - WebOS Internals

    That involves the meta doctor anyway.
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    Thanks a lot jonnygewitter and g7!

    I've read about these options and before the 2.2.4 update I was ready to take the risk involved in following those steps. However after the last update app-store is obtained and I can use same account for touchpad and Preł as I also wanted to.

    Even though it would be nice to get rid of the custom at&t bloatware which is useless, this is not a big thing to bother with. It is not wort the risk of bricking my phone at least.

    What I will do however right now is to install the skype package that still is missing. There is a thread for this here and I think that method is quite stright forward and ***** proof.

    Hopefully when webos is fully opensourced we will get a more unified experience with our units.

    Anyway happy with my Preł and thanks for pointing out solutions.
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    I found skype in the app catalog, an just downloaded it. I am in the uk, so that might have something to do with it, but my AT&T Pre3 is skyping away no probs.

    also, the AT&T bloatware is rather annoying, especially all the added contacts. Ugly.
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!

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