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    I bought a pre 3 last week, and discovered that everytime i unplugged the headphone after listening music, no sound for call in or call out. I've to restart the phone and the sound come back again. Anyone help? thanks
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    Sadly, I think its a bug in WebOS. The same thing happens to me about 30% of the time with my Pre2. A reboot corrects it.

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    I believe there are at least 2 workarounds without booting for this issue: The Ghastly Headset and AudioSwitch
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    it usually happens to me when I quit the app first and then remove the headset, so a little discipline goes a long way to avoiding this bug, however if you lose our disclipline one time and get stuck in headset mode, you might want to try what I do. That is going back to the music playing app(in my case drPodder most of the time), and quickly/repeatedly insert/remove the headphone into the jack until you can hear music coming out of the speaker. then verify that the phone is working normally (I usualy just make a call voicemail). I've had this happen on all my four OG Pre's, and the Pre2, so doubtful to be a hardware issue, but a software/logic bug.

    PS BT output works great as a workaround
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    Go into sounds & ringtones,toggle system sounds off then on,sorted.

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    thanks all, i'll try
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    It's a bug in WebOS - I've had the issue with two Pre- (Mine and my Ex), a Pre+ (grandfather), and the pre2 (FrenkenPre I upgraded to)

    The quick fix is to plug the head phones back in and then take them out. I had to use a toothpick once, and even blew compressed air into the port to clean it out.

    I am assuming the issue is the same with the pre3 - Just got one, but since I have to stick with sprint it may just end up back on ebay.
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    This means you are stuck in headset mode and need to reboot the device or get a headphone jack and plug it in and take it out multiple times.
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    9 times out of 10 dust/debris has entered the headphone jack. Try cleaning it out with a Q tip and alcohol and see if that helps. If it is a software bug in webOS, how come it has never happened to my Sprint Pre for the 2 years that I have used it and plus with my Pre 3 that I have been using for almost 3 months now?

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