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    I recently started using an unlocked AT&T Pre 3 on the Bell network in Canada. Previously I was using a CDMA Pre and did not have this problem.

    I have set up my work microsoft exchange email and am not seeing any security certificate errors, but from time to time the Pre 3 misses emails.

    At first I thought it was only not getting emails where I was on CC, but it also misses some where I am the sole recipient. If I log in to my web mail, they are sitting there, but I just can't get them onto the phone unless I remove the account and re-enter all the account info.

    I do not have this issue with the same account on my Touchpad and as mentioned above never with my Pre.

    It happens more often when the phone is plugged in to charge, but this is not the only time.

    Any ideas?
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    If you turn off Cached Exchange Mode you will find all the emails still on the server. Getting the thing to re-sync is a bit of a challenge. Fastest wasy is to delete your profile in Oultook and start again, but that means reloading all you PST's, rebuilding your indexes etc.

    The only way to preserve everything and resolve the issue is to delete the OST. This is a messy process. In the control panel you will need to open the mail settings. Then click on data files and open the file location for the online, Minimise that window, then go back to the first tab and do a Change on the profile so you can disable the cached exchange. mode.

    Once you have done that, makes sure communicator is completely shutdown, go back to the file locations and delete the OST file. Make sure you remove it completely.

    Finally, go back to the account and re-enable cached mode and restart Outlook.

    That's the workaround. I believe the fix is on the exchange side, but I will confirm once I find out.

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