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    I just doctored my Pre 3 since I was bothered by the high drain and couldn't find the culprit.

    I then added my Facebook account to my Pre 3 and the battery usage seemed to have shot up. With only the Govnah on, it was averaging around 300-400mA. I removed the account and now it's averaging normally between 100-200mA.

    Has anyone else encountered this?
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    Well, it constantly checks for updates so yes it increases battery usage. However I don't know if this high a drain is normal.
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    Ditto. I had my email set to check every 5 mins and was killing the battery. Set it to hourly, and battery now lasts all day easily. I'm sure it's the same thing for facebook. Set it to a reasonable delay and your battery should last longer.
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    @OP make sure you have FB notifications turned off, this will increase your battery draw. I don't know why it is so bad on phones, I have notifications on my TP and it will sit at 100% no problem. Maybe I have it polling less frequently than I used to on the phone, haven't had FB notification setup since early on with OG Pre.
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