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    I've set up a new webos account and I used a gmail account I have as email.
    I've not got the verification email (tried clicking resend), and inside the account I see a

    WebOS Account Status: Pending Verification

    Should I be worried ?

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    Did you check to see if it got redirected to your spam folder or some other folder?

    I know they were having some issues with the profile server the other day. It seemed to be down for a while. Maybe it's from that. You might try signing in again.
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    yep, I've checked the spam folder as first thing, and nothing has arrived there.

    When you say signing in, you mean on the web, or on the phone ? (on the phone, I've tried it a couple of times)
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    This is (oddly) normal as it has happened to me and a few other people. Just go to your profile in Palm, log in, change your email in your profile settings, and then change it back to what you wanted originally.

    Don't know why but it works.
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    mmm interesting.

    well, I logged, changed the email... got a message saying it got updated and a verification email was being sent to the new email address...

    then it automatically reverted back to the original email I put... and no verification email

    Edited :
    ok, got a verification email for the new email... that allowed me to set to the new , put back the old and finally receive a verification for it.


    there are some but...

    1) the email I used initially was gmail. The instant I validated the change from gmail to the other one, my real gmail account was unable to log to download emails (on the pc), and same time the phone said that the gmail credentials were not right

    2)gmail was reachable only online
    3)upon validating back the palm account to the gmail email, the credentials issues with gmail disappeared.
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