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    I'm a new webos user and a new pre3 owner. I've just finished setting up the phone with Impostah - doctoring, and I'm wondering what patches are a must to be installed.

    Same time, also which extensions are a must to have.

    (a small list of must to have applications would be appreciated, too)


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    Personally I have these patches installed:

    Ad blocker
    Add clock to exhibition
    Add move and mark unread buttons
    Add scrollbars to browser
    Advanced reset options
    Advanced system prefs - email (ATT/VZW)
    Advanced system prefs - framework (ATT/VZW)
    Advanced system prefs - messaging (ATT/VZW)
    Advanced system prefs - phone prefs (ATT/VZW)
    Advanced system prefs - system prefs (ATT/VZW)
    AM-PM indicator in top bar
    Battery percent as icon
    Call vibration
    Date as carrier string
    Device menu remix with flashlight
    Device profile service override
    Disable light sensitive dimming
    Edit any videos metadata
    Fix no bookmarks displayed bug
    Hold tap context menu
    Improved photo naming pre
    Just charge by default
    Muffle system logging ***
    Multi mod
    No auto-off while charging
    Optimize clock for exhibition
    Private browsing
    Quick USB dashboard
    Quiet powerd messages ***
    Remove dropped packet logging ***
    Silence missing resource handlers
    Timestamps clean
    Unthrottle download manager
    Video camera flashlight

    Most of these are personal preference. Often there is more than one patch that does the same thing. Like there is an Advanced System Prefs patch that does the same thing as Advanced Reset Options. Just pick one. You will get into trouble installing patches that change the same thing. If need be, try one, then uninstall it and try the other.

    The ones with *** are for performance reasons, you should install those for sure.
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    I just have:

    - Close Slider to End Regular Phone Calls Only
    - Default to List View in Stock Music App
    - Fix no bookmarks displayed bug
    - Muffle System Logging
    - Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    - Ringer Switch Icon
    - Unthrottle Download Manager

    I like my phone to look as stock as possible. :P
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    Thanks to both

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