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    First of all, I would like to apologize for mistakes if there are some : I am French native.

    I have a European HP Pre 3 (azerty - 8Go) and I've noticed that the battery was somehow horrible.

    On standby, I am losing approximately 6-9% per hour, which is huge - and that's what "Battery Monitor" says (it also says it consumes, on standby, +/- 70 to 100 mA) !

    Precisions about "my" standby : I have WiFi Off, Bluetooth Off, Data Connection Off, GPS Off. Everything is off ! I am in "low coverage" zone, but still, my old Nexus One used to have at least 60 to 70% left after 12 hours on standby !

    When I surf the internet on 3g, I use 400 mA (according to Battery Monitor again) - that's a 30% drain per hour, which is huge !
    And that's with 1 to 10% screen brightness.

    I've installed Dr. Battery to see if my battery was defective, and it seems like it is not : manufacturer's rating is 1218 mAh while I have 1206 (well - nearly the same).

    So my questions are : what is the problem with my Pre 3 ? Is it normal that it has such a bad battery, particularly on standby ? Is 70 to 100 mA on standby common ?

    I might have something draining my battery, but I've checked : phnx notifications are off - and I manually check mails. I have a few patches installed, but I guess they don't really affect battery...

    I've had my Pre 3 since September and at the beginning I thought that it needed to have a few cycles of recalibration to work correctly. I must have drained all the battery and fully recharged it at least 10 times... in order to recalibrate.

    So I think that's it : I don't know what to do !

    The Pre 3 is such an amazing phone... but the battery is (or seems to be) horrible...

    Help will be greatly appreciated !
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    I noticed this after weeks of stellar battery life. I disabled Palm backups. Now all is good again. I still manually go and backup every once in a while.

    Give it a shot and let me know if that was it.
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    70 to 100 mA is normal (your screen is on while viewing the battery app) but your Pre 3 is using way to much battery for being on standby. Is your cell reception poor where you live because that will drain your battery down quickly because your phone is always searching for a signal. My Pre 3 uses around 1% per hour on standby but when I am over at brothers house will the reception is poor I have to put my Pre 3 in airplane mode, otherwise the battery runs down in 4 to 5 hours.
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    I've just disabled backups and I'm going to see if it'll have an impact.

    I don't think I use from 70 to 100 mA while screen is on because Battery Monitor updates every 30 sec. It shows the value when the screen was not on yet. When I wait for it to update, it shows 200 mA (so that's screen on) - which is about 15 % battery drain.

    But that's still weird because in this same low coverage area (between 0 to 3-4 bars in Edge), my nearly 2 years old N1 did better...

    I'm answering using the web on 3g with my Pre 3, and I just removed it from its Touchstone 30 minutes ago, took 10 minutes to answer (so using the phone), and it is already 90% left...

    Well, still, thanks both of you for your answers. Gonna see if backups change something on standby...
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    I tried aeroplane mode during a few hours and it indeed seems like that network connection is using A LOT of battery. Without I might get a 1-2% drain, which is let's say awesome but without aeroplane mode, 2g network only, the battery is draining at 7-9%... which isn't really what I call a lasting phone.

    I guess I just have to adapt myself to this... which is frustrating - because I don't see the point in turning my phone in aeroplane mode when it is, before everything, supposed to make call and send/receive SMS !

    Surfing on 3g, where network coverage isn't really supposed to be low is still very intensive for the battery (20 to 35% drain per hour according to Battery Monitor). Maybe I have an issue with something..? Maybe not ?
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    Ok... So when I tried Aeroplane mode, it didn't use much battery, but when I put it back to "normal mode", it went from 80% to 0% immediatly...

    I fully recharged it, launched Dr Battery, which now says me that I now only have 50% of manufacturers rating left. That's 1218/2 = 609 mAh which might explain the bad battery...

    I webosdoctored my Pre 3 in order to see if this calculation was an error or not, and it seems like it isn't - considering that Dr Battery shows the same result after the full reset.

    I guess my battery is faulty !

    Is the Pre 3 (bought on Expansys France) guaranteed by HP ? Or at least its battery ?
    If not, where can I buy a good Pre 3 battery ? Any suggestions ?
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    Dunno bout french pre 3, had problem w backcover, called webos butler service, after which hp sent a new cover. Got a german pre 3. What patches are you using? Some of the advanced patches had been draining my battery very fast till I removed them. Since then battery behavior's good again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxundmilian View Post
    Dunno bout french pre 3, had problem w backcover, called webos butler service, after which hp sent a new cover. Got a german pre 3. What patches are you using? Some of the advanced patches had been draining my battery very fast till I removed them. Since then battery behavior's good again.
    Thanks for your answer. I don't think it is a back cover problem, but I'll check.

    I have lots of patch installed :

    -Add Clock to Exhibition
    - Brightness in Device Menu
    - Data in Device Menu
    - Disable Light Bar
    - GPS in device menu
    - Increase Minimum Font size 16 (browser)
    - Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness
    - Max Blocker
    - Mojo FPS Booster
    - Mojo Smooth Scrolling
    - MP4 Video Downloader
    - Muffle System Logging
    - New Card Button (browser)
    - Optimize Clock for Exhibition
    - Private browsing
    - Quiet Powerd Messages
    - Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    - Remove Tap Ripple
    - Unset CFQ IO Scheduler
    - Unthrottle Download Manager

    I just reinstalled them after my webOS doctor. But it seems like webosdoctor has greatly improved my battery consumption !

    As I said before, the Pre used to use 70 to 90 mA while sleeping (with network ON). I just checked (using Battery Monitor) and now with Wifi and Bluetooth (for Touchpad) and network ON too, it is only using 10 to 20 mA which is way better and let's say, normal for a modern smartphone.

    The only problem remining is that Dr Battery says "maximum" battery level is 600 mA, which is half manufacter's rating (1200). I'm at the moment trying to empty my battery and to do a full cycle to recalibrate and I will then see if it goes back to 1100+ mA (as it could be that the Pre is not calibrated).

    Well, something really weird is happening. I hope it's just software problem, as I don't want to wait for Mugen's battery and spend money on it.
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    Same here, doctor again and leave out all the patches. Check consumption and dont be too quick to add back the patches. My consumption went from unable to make it through a business day to now, after 24 hours, still having a lil under 50% left. If you have wifi available, leave it on all the time. Clean the contacts on the back cover with a pencil eraser. Average power consumption, dark screen, just sitting there 5-10 mA, average over the last 7.5 hours 50 mA/hr. Kernal here is uberkernal, screenstate limiter turned on.
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    Creator of touch sensitivity and smoothness patch here, my patch does drain more battery. There's just no way not to and have a smoother experience on webOS. You can't get something from nothing unfortunately.

    I'd suggest if you keep my patch to disable compcache in Tongan, compcache uses a lot of battery as well and I find it makes the phone worse, not better
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    Togan = govnah... Oh WordPerfect, you so crazy!
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    Lol, autocorrect, my gawd!
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    Haha . Thanks both of you for comments.

    I just fully discharged the "so said 609" mAh battery, and, as thought, managed 1 to 2 hours of video streaming while the phone was at a 0% left state. The drivers seem not to give the right information to the system and Dr Battery. I then fully recharged to Pre in order to see if such a calibration would change something, but it didn't. Dr Battery still says I have 50% left of manufacturer's initial level.

    Before doing webosdoctor again (and progressively reinstalling patches as well as disabling compcache), is there another way to recalibrate the battery instead of fully discharging it and recharging it ? I might have done "false" recalibration since the beginning .

    thanks for your help in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guillaumeiii View Post
    is there another way to recalibrate the battery instead of fully discharging it and recharging it ? I might have done "false" recalibration since the beginning .
    It's unknown if this will calibrate the battery at all. (actually I don't think this will calibrate. Member hlbice did it a couple of times without luck)

    You don't need to doctor, install remove what ever app, patch and kernel.
    The health is stored in the battery. As long as you can't get that health changed back you will only have a 1/2 battery.

    You are not alone. Member hlbice resetted the health of his Veer Battery with exactly the same problem in a Pre.

    The following sounds funny but might be worth to try. I've read it @xda-developer:
    [TIPS] The Best Way to Calibrate our S2' Battery ! [No root needed, Very accurate] - xda-developers
    Charge the battery to (real) 100%. Use Dr.Battery or Govnah to find the spot, when the current goes negative.
    Shutdown the device immediately.
    Take the battery out for e.g. 1h.

    Maybe then do another discharge/charge circle.
    Run Dr.Battery and report back.

    If you want to talk to HP, run the battery test from webOS:
    Systeminfo->Tests->Interactive Tests
    it will show a red status on the battery. Don't tell them about dr.battery. They don't trust 3rd party apps.
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    I did not really understand the way to recalibrate the battery...(french native \o/) so I charged it until it stopped charging somewhere at 700-800 mA, then shut it down, removed the battery for more than an hour, put it again, installed the Pre on its touchstone for an hour or two, and booted. Dr Battery still showed I had ~750 mA even if my theorical "maximum" is still 1200/2 = 600 mA.

    I used the phone today and managed to survive with the battery - draining is actually not the problem anymore : I only used 5 to 15 mA on standby which is to my mind good !

    I'm going to try to charge it again, shut down etc... Any other ideas ?

    Oh yeah, the webOS "official" test through system info said my battery was at a red level - which I guess means bad ?
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    as expected. I spend 1/2 a day to find a way to reset the health.
    You don't need to experiment any further. You need to get the health to change.
    Since we don't know a way to do so you need to the get the battery replaced by HP.
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    OK thank you very much. I'm going to contact HP as soon as I can and ask for a battery replacement or something like that I guess.

    If I am not under warranty, I'll just wait for Mugen's Battery which are said to be 1800 mAh and Touchstone compatible ! Would be awesome, even if I guess they will also be costly.
    Well, not going to complain because I bought the Pre 150 euros, but still ! (lol - the battery might be 1/2 the phone's original price...)

    Again : thank your for your time. Is it greatly appreciated. That's webos community
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    Hello, here's my experience:

    I've never had issues with battery drain. I make a conservative use of my HP Pre 3 and the charge always lasted for almost two days. Last week I decided to uninstall two patches through Preware:

    1) Close Phone App in Hangup
    2) Close slider to End regular calls

    The same and the next few days I encountered a very fast battery drain. From 100% to 0% in about 4 hours! The phone being unusable...

    I installed Dr.Battery and Battery Monitor trying to figure out what was going on. Battery health was fine and drain per hour was about 10-15%.
    After several restarts (Luna, Java, regular etc.) I noticed that Preware was giving me some error messages (don't ask me what!). So I thought "when did this all started? when I uninstalled the patches."
    I reinstalled the two patches above and...guess what?! Battery returned normal!

    It is possible that Preware and maybe an incomplete uninstalling process was causing all this?
    I don't know...

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