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    I'm having a few issues.

    1) Voice sound quality. Never had an issue with my Pre-, but often have poor voice quality on a call now. Staccato cutting in and out. The signal indicator usually shows 2 or 3 bars, where my Pre- would show 4 or 5.

    2) When dialling from contacts or keypad a number without a 1 at the front, I get the menu asking whether I want to dial through Bell or Skype (as though it were long distance). My contacts are formatted as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    3) When searching with Just Type, a business contact with just company field filled in and name field blank shows the email if there is one, or just the phone number in the search results. Shows perfectly when searching in Contacts.

    4) Weird one. I switch to Airplane Mode at night, and in the morning when I switch to regular mode, I get a text saying I have a voicemail when I don't have any voicemail.

    Anyone experiencing these and/or found any fixes/workarounds?
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    For #2, try putting your contacts' numbers in as:
    +1 212 555 1234

    The +1 tells the phone it's a North American number and not to use Skype. If you have any contacts in England or France etc., they should be in as +33 11 00 11 22 or whatever. That should clear that up.

    For #1 (sound quality), I have found that occasionally as well in Vancouver on Rogers. Not sure if anyone can shed some light on that - I'm assuming the EU version of the phone is tri-band like the UK version (which I have)?

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