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    OK, I can't get the the Repair Utility to run because it wants to install the doctor and that would be fine except that it keeps installing the wrong (a corrupt one apparently) one. I've downloaded the correct (VZW) zip file from the wiki page but I don't see the correct file even after I extract the zip folder. I have inadvertantly deleted (from internalz) a folder and can no longer download patches which is why I'd first like to try to repair the damage but again, I can't seem to get the correct files to download and run.

    I can't get the WebOS Quick Install to download and run for the same reason. When it asks if I want to download and install WebOS Doctor the options are for the carrier (Verizon) but my choices don't include the Pre 3 only the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

    I doubt that this is something that isn't fixable but yet all the typical routes seem closed to me.

    Thanks for the assist. Going to bed now and hopefully someone can help me undo the damage I've done to my nifty new Verizon Pre 3 tomorrow when I'm more fully awake.

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    create the folder yourself? if thats what is causing it.
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    just download the doctor directly:

    if it downloads as .zip, just rename it to .jar and run it.
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    After a couple of days' work and some doctoring, I've managed to get my somewhat fubar'd Pre3 up and functional again.

    I wasn't able to originally download and install UberCalendar and then trying to fix that is what got me to a place where I needed to doctor my phone but the repair utility and getting the correct version of doctor was proving - difficult. Until someone told me to change the .zip extension to .jar and run the doctor. That worked. Ran WebOSQI and got Preware back and functioning then I got UberCalendar plus put my icons file back into the correct folder and viola!

    Now, tomorrow I only hope I can get the keyring application information to load to the new phone since I saved the usb partition to the office computer on Friday. Really need that one because my home router's password was stored there and for the life of me I can't get the phone logged into my Wifi at home because I've managed to forget that password and I'm looking at about $70.00 for the techs at GeekSquad to help me reset it if I can't recover the password.

    So if I manage to get my keyring data file loaded, my iShelf data file loaded and a few other little tweaks, I should be close to where I want to be all on the new Pre3 running on Big Red.

    If I hadn't already created a whole file of icons for use with UberCalendar as a 'thank you' to all the folks here AND if I was more talented than I really am, I'd do something else to say 'thanks' (yes, I've donated a few times as well) to the general community here but alas, I'm only moderately talented that way!

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