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    Today my Pre3 raised a scary message, it showed something like that the device wasn't authorized to operate in the network. And the operator tag turned to show "SOS only".
    First thing that came to my mind was that HP could have released a list of IMEi devices that shouldn't be operating, and then I though "I lost my money and the great device"
    It solved after a reboot.
    Which log file should I look for to share the exact message? Can you give me some guidance to get It?
    Has anyone have received this message?
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    I'm going to just make a guess that you lost signal from whatever your normal carrier is, and the phone defaulted to another carrier available .. just a guess though.
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    It is possible, but I think that the SIM shouldn't allow that, I mean the phone must not look for service of other carriers. I'll try to reproduce the situation.
    Any guidance on log files that I can look for.

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