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    I bought a Veer and love the thing, but the small size of the thing, although great and impressive in its fine finish and function, made me turn to the Pre3 for large screen, larger keyboard, that silly magnet connector, and battery that can be changed (albeit not so easily). So far, I learned a hard lesson in the technology and its relationship to the data source inasmuch as I came from a wiMO6.1 fone with all the hacks and stuff I could find with which I used max 92mb data/mo over the last 12mo (mostly 20-40mb). So, I turned on the Pre3 and boom I used up 200mb in around 3 days. Well, now I get it. Run this thing with "data off" using my home wifi or whatever wifi I can find and use the data over the cell network only when out and away from wifi. I cured that fast (thanks to Mode Switcher software...did I say thanks??). At first I was put off by the heavier feel of it, but now it is not noticed. I thought it was bigger than my old fone (Motorola Motosurf a3100) which it is, but it still fits in the same Hartmann belting leather pouch. I was (and am) a little disappointed the slider for the keyboard is not as smooth on the Pre3 as the Veer but it's not unacceptable. The screens are amazing, and much of the preware, etc. works great!! I feel I am getting better at understanding the device a little better, and cannot believe HP would abandon that!! Today, thanks to Kalem, I played a full length movie (True Grit) which scaled perfectly and the sound from the phone itself is awesome!! People should find out about the uniform functionality of this thing, it's great!!
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    oh, yeah, I forgot to mention this ...before my Motosurf I had an original Razr which I loved since it was a great phone and was quite hackable ...the Motosurf was never a great phone although all the other stuff was very good ...the speakerphone was never any good ...the thing was cool but not quite perfect ...the Pre3 is a GREAT PHONE, it's primary purpose as a functional item is in fact to be able to make calls and it does that very well. If that is devicient (including a clear loud speakerphone), then I am done... it qualifies !!
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    The team who built the pre 3 are genius. I have two (one for a spare) the price on ebay is creeping up, grab while you can. Best Os and great phone. Why because it does what you need , not what you think you want. Its a communication device and its brilliant.

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