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    Hi guys. Just wanted to ask you all a question, since I believe you all will be able to provide me with the best answer.

    I'm a long time iPhone user (picked up a 3G on launch day), but I've fallen into my second round of "last quarter of the contract" boredom. I cured my boredness and lack of desire/concern for iOS 3 with a purchase of an unlocked Nokia N900. It was a fantastic phone/"mobile computer" for the six months or so that I used it, but once my contract for AT&T was expired, I renewed and picked up an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is a great phone that's served me well, and I intend to keep it and use it as an iPod well after I get a new main phone, but I really just feel like iOS, with its ever-present wall of apps and complete lack of widgets, gets boring after a while. I've always had my phone jailbroken because I like to tether and customize the functionality of my phone to my liking, but I don't think I should have to fight the phone's creator to use it the way I want. I don't want to continue using this phone for another seven months if I can avoid it. For how I use my smartphone, there are certainly better OSes out there.

    This is where the Pre 3 comes in. I have been enamored with it ever since it was announced, and I strongly considered picking up an unlocked Pre 3 this summer before webOS was essentially killed. webOS has always been really attractive to me, and now that I can pick up an AT&T Pre 3 for ~$235 or so (or an off-contract Veer for $90), I feel like it could be a fun phone to use for seven months/backup phone in the future. The UI and design philosophy of webOS have always appealed to me, and there's something that tickles my interest about having a functional, stylish relic of technology history (hey, I owned an N900). I mainly use twitter, email, Spotify, and browse the web. I'm not a big app guy; I'm much more concerned with power lying in OS software, clever UI, and usability improvements.

    For someone who just recently came into ~$300 and wants to use it on a phone, it seems like the Pre 3 is a solid choice for something modern, quirky, and relatively inexpensive (I can save around $100 going for this over the year-old Nexus S) to tide me over until a new contract in June 2012 when dual-core processors, 720p screens, and low-power LTE chipsets will be the norm for the smartphone world. Would you all agree? Would you recommend I simply pick up a Veer to save some cash? Is it completely unwise for someone to first dip their foot into the webOS pool after it's been killed by HP? Should I just get the Nexus S instead and get a little ICS lovin' in the near future?

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated. The little things I've seen concerning Preware and the simple elegance of webOS are making me really itch for a new Pre 3.
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    I have 2 Pre3s and love them. (one for spare) Everyone else in my family is an android user.
    Wife has had a pixi and veer and now has a Samsung Galaxy SII. Every few days she comments on how many more steps it takes on the Galaxy to do what she did on webOs.
    I think only you can decide whether you want an different OS than you have been used to, but it is hard to beat a Pre3 with homebrew. Like you, I am not a big apps guy, but I have 60+ patches, etc from the homebrew geniuses.
    By the time you buy the Pre3, a car charger, a few touchstones to keep around you are going to eat up that $300 but you will love the ease of webOs.

    Don't forget to donate to homebrew. These guys are what make the Pre3 enjoyable
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    Its an odd one. It sounds like you'd be happy with the customisation and homebrew community with webos, but you should certainly be forewarned that there are (and now always will be) some rough edges. One thing you'll discover from reading these boards, and other reviews, is that they destroy the experience for some people, and are un noticable to others. While the OS works fine out of the box, there are still a few memory leak problems, and by the sound of your post, you'll inevitably end up tweaking. Once you're down that path, as you'll expect, you do get the odd associated issues- it doesn't stop you using the phone in any way, but you'll notice little annoyances.

    In my view regarding the the feel of the OS, android and IOS just aren't even in the same conversation as WebOS. It is astonishing how these technology powerhouses are still nowhere near regarding ease of use, true multitasking, gestures and general navigation around the OS. I shudder to think of what I'll do when my Pre3 breaks and have to use Android or WP - every time I do anything, ill be thinking 'why can't I just do it much better like this?'.

    Given that HP seems totally uninterested in protecting PALM's intellectual property, the competitors really have no excuse for not introducing these features into their operating systems. Even IOS5's 4 finger alt-tab on the iPad just doesn't give the user that kind of immediate view of 'what do I have open'? 'What is using resources?', to say nothing of the fact that it STILL doesn't actually multitask (i.e. apps don't continue to run in the background'.

    Anyway I'm babbling, its worth getting together a list of 'must have priorities' for your phone. I find my Pre3 does just about everything I ask of it, but others how found the opposite. Its an astonishingly capable phone, but there are some noticeable omissions. You can receive, but not send files by Bluetooth for example. Do consider:
    -there won't be any more updates (probably)
    -there will be fewer and fewer apps
    -you won't have the kind of warranty/replacement parts safety blanket as on other phones.
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    Since you had an N900, I'm kind of surprised you aren't going for an N9. It looks like a great phone. If I could get one for cheaper than the $600+ going price I'd be tempted.
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    I held onto my original Pre on Sprint (and the subsequent replacements) for a long time. I finally had to let go and used the EVO 4G for about 4 months. I just could not get past the "clunkiness" of Android.

    I got hold of my Pre 3 and tested out on a prepaid Pay-Go SIM card on the AT&T network as a trial run. After one weekend, I was hooked. This phone is incredible and I even have iPhone 4 users gawking at it. I've found that Preware has given me more than I need.

    iPhone 4S cultists now drool over SIRI but I have my fantastic keyboard and I love it. SIRI is like SHAZAM used to be. Its just a show-off thing.
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    I came to the Pre3 with mostly an Android background. I got the TP first (because lets face it, who hasn't got a TP) with the intent to install Android on it. In the weeks of waiting for CyanogenMod to do their magic, I've gotten used to WebOS and even prefer it to Android. Yes, I installed CM7 on my TP when it became available, and I think they did a fantastic job. BUT...I still find my TP booted into WebOS 9/10 times. Hell, that was my driving factor to get the Pre3 instead of android. That said, when Kal-El (Tegra 3), 720p, Super Amoled +, LTE, NFC, ICS become available on an AT&T android device in the 4.0" size (don't want the 4.5"+ beast phones)...I will migrate to that. In the meantime...WebOS ho!

    Expect bugs, expect lack of apps (coming from the apple app store this will be dramatic), expect crappy battery life, expect lack of support or accessory ecosystem. But...its still a good time.
    Touchpad 16GB
    Pre3 (UK)
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    very funny - i had the pre1, pre2 and now the pre3. but it works not very well, very slow (after it was repaired because boot-hanger) => so i'll try a used Nexus S... and waiting for Android 4 Ice cream sandwich...
    !these smartphones are wasting my time!
    don't worry, eat curry!
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    I started with the Sprint Pre and used it for over 2 years and I finally gave up on Sprint getting a webOS phone and opted for the Pre 3 on at&t and am really happy with the speed (no lagging)and functionallity of the Pre 3. Beautiful screen and awesome keyboard are some of the features that I really love about the the Pre 3 and also, it's nice to have 16GB of storage compared to the 8GB of my Sprint Pre. So far after almost 2 months of use, no freeze ups or reboots. I liked my Pre 3 so much that I purchased a backup Pre 3.
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    look at the features and see if it works for you. I had an android for three months when my pre- finally Gave up. It appears to me that with the pre 3 someone looked at what everyone wanted and gave it too them . Solid build, good camera and with pre ware patches its customised as you want it. The only down side is limited apps but as every ios owner will tell you. Aftermarket Apps are the biggest con of the 21st century no one uses them more than a few times.
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    I bought an AT&T Pre 3 off of Amazon and am very happy with it. I also bought a Veer because the price was so low. I'm currently sharing my AT&T SIM between an iPhone 4S and the Pre 3 (occasionally will use the Veer). The Pre 3 has turned sharing the SIM into owning the SIM. iPhone 4S has been demoted to an iPod touch with Siri I do use FreeTether sometimes if I'm out and have my iPhone 4S or iPad 2 with me. It's so simple to tether. I never found browsing on webOS to be great and prefer iOS (especially on the iPad 2) Siri also needs an internet connection to assist and the Homebrew community's FreeTether on my Pre 3 makes it happen on my iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and my MacBook Air.

    It is also by far the BEST keyboard I have ever used on a smartphone hands down. The speed of the OS and UI is great, I never feel a lag. Did I mention how great the keyboard is? The keyboard and larger screen makes a huge difference in your usage, it makes it a much better experience compared to previous webOS smartphones.

    The one annoyance I find with the Pre 3 is at times it doesn't recognize a tap on the screen to launch an app, as well as the Gesture area when trying to tap home. It can sometimes take my 2-3 taps to accomplish it. I'm hoping the HomeBrew community might figure out a way to fix this. I've tried a few patches to try and remedy the issue, but they haven't.

    So besides that issue, I LOVE my Palm Pre 3 and I think you will too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    The one annoyance I find with the Pre 3 is at times it doesn't recognize a tap on the screen to launch an app, as well as the Gesture area when trying to tap home. It can sometimes take my 2-3 taps to accomplish it. I'm hoping the HomeBrew community might figure out a way to fix this. I've tried a few patches to try and remedy the issue, but they haven't.
    I've heard a few people with this problem, and have never had it myself. I saw an unboxing video where a guy had it a lot, and it was because every time it happened, he had another finger either resting on the gesture area or on the screen.

    So make sure you aren't doing that!

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    My question is this. I'm on tmobile network so the att pre 3 or the uk pre 3 will work data wise past edge which I'm fine with that. So which should I get? The att 16gb pre 3 or the uk pre 3. I've heard people having problems with the att pre 3. So I need some insight from the webos geeks in there opinion.

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    yes there is a patch that makes the screen more smooth and touch sensitive , i think lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Being a Pre2 owner (as opposed to a Pre3), I would probably recommend you go with a Pre2 if you want a phone that can be totally tricked out (its more mature in terms of customizations). Pre3 is the next level yes -- but because all the drama going on with webOS (or lack thereof), I think the Palm Pre2 might give you more of that satisfying feel. You can get that at minimal cost and if you like what you see, go get a Pre3. Just my $.02.
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    I have a Pre 3 that I use, a Pre 2 as backup and a Veer that is still in the box. The Pre is the best of the lot in my opinion.
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    Andyf summed it up pretty well.

    Ignoring the app market the Pre3 is - IMHO - the best smartphone available.
    But YMMV considering individual needs/wants.

    I'm glad I bought mine.
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    I'm just curious, why did you say that there'll be "fewer and fewer apps"? It's not like they'll just disappear out of the app catalog.
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    I bought my AT&T Pre3 4G from Amazon, too. It really is amazing. It's everything I loved about my Pre Plus, but better, and everything I hated, just fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    .... one annoyance I find with the Pre 3 is at times it doesn't recognize a tap on the screen to launch an app, as well as the Gesture area when trying to tap home. It can sometimes take my 2-3 taps to accomplish it. I'm hoping the HomeBrew community might figure out a way to fix this. I've tried a few patches to try and remedy the issue, but they haven't.

    So besides that issue, I LOVE my Palm Pre 3 and I think you will too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    yes there is a patch that makes the screen more smooth and touch sensitive , i think lol
    I have problem with Pre3 need several taps to recognize my tap. But in my experience, out of the box this never happened and even patched with buttah.

    Lately I uninstall uberkernell, install patch mojo fps booster and increase touch sensitivity & smoothness. Several days ago, increase touch sensitivity updated, and since then this problem happened. Today I uninstall this patch and see if my Pre3 back to normal.

    edit: ok seems increase touch sensitivity & smoothness can cause Pre3 have problem recognize tap. I tested today after uninstall that patch, my pre3 don't have that issue anymore.
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    Well, what the heck... I finally found a Pre 3 for AT&T on EBay tonight with a $200 buy it now, from a reputable seller, so I took the plunge. Even though I have a iPhone 4, my extra line on my family plan was just begging for another Pre. I figure I've been though every Pre before it, so why not have a little fun?

    Even as badly as WebOS has been treated by HP, I figure I'll do what I can to keep the love alive. I remember when Apple was pronounced dead back in the 90's... I'll have a good time playing with it, anyhoo! Keep the faith, brothers!
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