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    hi guys, care to share ur govnah reported system load?

    mine is always like 8.xx, 8.xx, 8.xx

    isn't that like kinda high?
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    same here, it's always been like that. yes, that's really high for any linux system, but somehow that's just how the Pre3 works. there have been other discussions about this, but I don't know if any conclusions have been reached about exactly why the Pre3 shows such a high load.
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    Could that be because it runs at 122mhz at an idle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightburn View Post
    Could that be because it runs at 122mhz at an idle?
    No. You can crank up the idle speed up as much as you want with Govnah, and mine still sits at 8+ load.
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    same here, i even put min at 1ghz for few hours just to see if the load will go down or not
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    Thats weird, and it doesn't lag at all? On the TP if the load is consistently 5 and above the system starts lagging like mad.
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    I've got UberKernel running and I played around a bit to see my Pre3 results. Here what I have
    Min: 122MHz and Max: 1.4GHz (Palm Default)
    8.2x 8.1x 5.xx
    Battery drain between -120mA and -160mA

    Min: 1.2GHz and Max: 1.4GHz
    8.1x 8.1x 5.5x
    Battery drain between -180mA and -220mA

    Battery drain is different but load is almost no change despite the min freq being 10x higher.
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    I'm also experiencing a high load without any cards open. Using top I found one of the rogue processes to be mediaserver, which I found was using over 60% cpu continuously. After killing the process, cpu frequency dropped to 122mhz average, and the load average dropped to 9 (and hopefully still dropping).

    I'm a big fan of the Pre 3 hardware, but unless an OTA or homebrew solution appears, the firmware issues i've been experiencing may push me towards a Pre 2 instead.

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