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    A bit of history:

    I have an AT&T Pre 3 and since I live in Canada none of the AT&T software work. Not to mention all the issues ATT rom has such as lack of support for Skype, I had issues connecting to exchange and POP email, issues with MMS, etc...

    My previous solution was to extract the WebOS Doctor file and replace att.tar with the tar file from the UK image. It worked on my first Pre 3 and all the issues seems to have been fixed (got all the languages, Skype, email and MMS working, all ATT software garbage gone, etc) until the phone mysteriously died when it tried to download and install a WebOS Update.

    I had to buy a second phonee and after running into some DOA issues with the phone (I managed to repair the phone) it seems like I could not log into my WebOS account at all, unless each time I'm creating a new account. The original ATT image or the modified ones did not work. I ended up using the Impersonation process: Pre 3 Impersonation - WebOS Internals

    The Current issues:

    now I have "meta-att-pre3-impersonate-wr-2.2.0" rom installed and all the WebOS software is working without any issues; however it seems that I have lost the ability to get 3G speeds. it only shows G or H and internet speed is about 125kbps (very slow) and upload test always fails, although I can send emails, it just takes a very long time to go through.

    I even picked up and activated a brand new SIM, and asked Rogers to check my 3G settings and even to reset them. The SIM works in other phones and in my data stick and gives me full 3G speeds and connections. I suppose it is issue with the UK impersonation image?

    I'm still confused what image is the best to use that does not kill my phone when an update arrives, and can actually work properly with the WebOS account, has no software limitations (skype support missing or things like that), and supports 3G (as it should)?
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    What's wrong with the default At&t 2.2.3 doctor?
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    Well... Skype support is missing, ATT bloatware takes up room with useless software that does not work in Canada, lots of other little bugs and issues... MMS does not work, etc...

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    skype is a free download in the app catalog
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    skype is a free download in the app catalog
    no it isn't.
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    no it isnt if u dun have access to US market, idk why HP make it US only...
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    I'm in the us, and have the us app catalog, and skype is not available. It's not just me, there are plenty of people in the us with at&t pre3's that can't get skype. there are threads here about the steps to 'hack' it onto the device by downloading the verizon 2.2.3 doctor and extracting the skype ipk from it.
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    that's a limitations AT&T imposed on Pre 3 and has nothing to do with the US app catalog.

    Skype and synergy integration seem work on any other device/image other than the AT&T. Rogers does that kinds of crap to their phones too. Even their Microsoft phones are modified for example to make sure the tethering does not work so you have to pay them to enable it for your phone.

    one of my reasons that i don't like AT&T image. I think a clean installation of WebOS is just great on its own without the added garbage from the providers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    skype is a free download in the app catalog
    AT&T does not allow you to install it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gameoffuture View Post
    AT&T does not allow you to install it.
    There is nothing in the AT&T Doctor preventing you from seeing it in the catalog. My AT&T Pre3 is running on H20 (still using AT&T towers) and I got Skype from the app catalog with no problems.
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    Your old device likely died because the webOS update likely identified it as an EU Pre 3 because you swapped the att.tar for wr.tar, and thus were pushed the wrong modem code. One of many reasons I personally recommend not doing the swap method.

    The best ROM? Build your own meta doctor using the 2.2.3 image. I've been too busy to finally post instructions on making a 2.2.3 meta-doctor with skype, additional languages, voice dial, and no AT&T bloatware, but as far as bloatware removal goes, I posted patches and instructions on removal here -> I initially went with a metadoctor as well because initial setup would never complete successfully if I tried logging into my account in the First Use app (purportedly because my account was originally created on a TouchPad in webOS 3.x; there are sometimes difficulties in backporting an account down to 2.x), which I was able to skip using metadoctor, then trigger manually when it was ready to do it over wifi.

    Will try to get to instructions this week; just need time to recompile my meta doctor and flash my device yet again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gameoffuture View Post
    AT&T does not allow you to install it.
    I just downloaded, installed, and launched skype on my AT&T Pre3 running on AT&T.

    As far as all this mention of ATT bloatware, there really isn't much. Much more bloat in Sprint webOS versions, I would guess VZW as well, but not sure what of there services are pre-installed.
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    Use the Vanillah script for Meta-Doctor.
    I'm never going back to that piece of crap AT&T firmware.
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    I am a U.S. AT&T user and have Skype on my Pre 3 with no issues. However, there is no Skype icon and that might be part of the confusion.

    You have to make sure that you are logged in as available in the messaging app then just go to a contact and choose Skype. I have only used it a handful of times but it works great.

    Obviously, data speed is key here for quality.

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    It seems like there are many people stuck on the Skype. It seems that if you don't activate your phone in a certain way (for example when you unlock the phone using non AT&T SIM and following a certain order of doing things) AT&T phones won't let you get Skype support. Not everybody who has AT&T pre 3 has this issue, but I do because I have it unlocked and working on Rogers network in Canada. If you are not on AT&T or at least not in US, the navigation program and the yellow pages app will give you an error (something like "your location is not supported&quot and they just get terminated. At the very least I see no point in having useless garbage on my phone. Therefore making the AT&T ROM somewhat useless.

    I am not familiar enough with the MetaDoctor. It seems somewhat complicated, but since I already have Linux installed and MetaDoctor is also there I'm willing to learn. I think it's very cool to be able to make a proper custom image that works without breaking the phone (as it seems like my last attempt had done).

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    Ok, now i'm starting to get fed up with network speed. I need to get a meta doctor going for my ATT pre 3. Any advice on how to get rid of the ATT bloatware and limitations? I think someone had a tutorial posted, but I can't seem to find it with all the things that pop up in the search.

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    I found this in the forums and I'm trying it today:
    However I get the error saying my device is not compatible with this version of WebOS doctor. I'm using meta-doctor ATT to wr impersonation (edit: ./scripts/meta-att-pre3-impersonate-wr-2.2.0), could that have something to do with it or I'm doing something wrong?

    Edit: here is where I found this:
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    ok, I cannot seem to be able to impersonate my phone back to an ATT or anything else. the original doctor does not work. any doctor I try it stops at 8% and the doctor tells me that the device is not compatible... I seem to have a lot of issues to fix here.
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    damn... Ok, so I guess given the circumstances for now we have figured out that pre3-vanilla patch is most likely the best candidate? I guess I'll just search for reverting impersonation back or post a new tread on the issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gameoffuture View Post
    damn... Ok, so I guess given the circumstances for now we have figured out that pre3-vanilla patch is most likely the best candidate? I guess I'll just search for reverting impersonation back or post a new tread on the issue.
    Try impersonate wr to at&t version, should work.
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