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    I have problem with GSM signal which sometimes lost. Mostly in moving car or inside the buildings. Have you got someone the same problem????
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    Lol... You bet!!! I just curse Rogers whenever that happens!

    See... It happened while I was posting this

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    What Pre3 you are using? AT&T with AT&T, AT&T with other carrier, or unlocked UK or German/France version?

    In my experience, my Veer AT&T that using other carrier have more fluctuate signal compared to my unlocked German Pre3. I can't conclude yet if this is have something to do with bandwidth support.
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    I get horrible speeds with my att pre 3. Bars fluctuate between 2-4 and sometimes goes down to no bars. I only get up to 2mbps max on hspa+. Also I have trouble with receiving mms screenshots from other phones. Other than that, webos is good...
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