Incase anyone cares or wants to follow this slightly amuseing story of me impulsively bidding on a pre3, then regretting it alittle...then fighting for it! here is an update.

He said "sorry I cannot take such a loss" and sends paypal refund and cancellation in ebay stateing "Both parties agree that they both cannot agree to terms of sale" IN the cancellation he says "Sorry I cannot sell it at a loss, I still want to give you 5$ to cancel"

I rejected the cancellation stateing that only the SELLER is not wanting to live up to HIS OWN terms of sale- I quickly get a email via ebay from him saying that the 5$ is not to "buy" good feedback or buy cancellation but because of my inconvenance.

I tell him basiacllay I expect a shipping notice soon- he says he is looking into "another supplier that he may get one for 350 then he can sell me it" I told him "whatever you have to do, thats your deal not mine- you also stated in your auction that you had it on hand so I expect a shipment notification soon"

no reply...yet, it is china so Ill get something tonight prolly again.

once this is all over I will post the actual emails for fun.