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    So my girl just got a iphone4s (ugh) and on our family plan, and with my old pre+ on verizon I got free mobile hotspot. Now that I don't have a pre+ anymore and a free hotspot they started charging me 20$ extra. No thanks.

    So.. I know and have heard everyone talking about freeteather or whatever its called. Which I assume is free.... So.... What do I need to know about it and or need to do to successfully get the hotspot on my pre3 again.

    Thx guys.

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    its in preware under the webos internal feed. It called freetether
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    ...and the new version does seem to work just fine on the Pre3. All you do is turn it on and connect.

    I still miss the free mobile hot spot though... it was a separate 5GB allocation of data. I had dropped my Verizon data down to the $15 150MB plan, but any time I knew I'd be using a big bunch of data I'd just turn on MHS which caused the phone to use the 5GB allocation instead. Oh well, no matter what it couldn't last forever.

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