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    ok, I bought I att locked pre3 from ebay... It was advertised as unlocked . I went to palmunlocker followed the instructions and Walla!!!! The last step is what's really giving me a hard time. On the last step it says to input the unlock code when the phone prompts you to. But the phone never prompts me. Once it reboots it goes right to entering a palm profile. I've tried it with an att, tmo, and no sim card and its the same thing. The website says it recommended you do it without a sim card. Did that. Nothing. Don't know what else to try. How can I get it to prompt me to enter the unlock code? How can I bypass the palm profile screen?
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    if it doesn't ask you for an unlock code when you put in a T-Mo SIM, then it's already unlocked.

    Also, it's "Voila!". I just LOL when I see someone write "Walla".
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    wait I think he id talking about the device bypass tool, just google that and you will be able to go to the unlock screen

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