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    since two days google cal sync isnt working any more. there is no error message, but doesn't syncs data, when i tell the phone to do so.
    contacts are still syncing well.

    anybody expericencing the same?
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    You have not upgraded google calendar sync by mistake have you?
    I am using an older version since i couldnt get the newer version to work.
    But i have spent so long fiddling i cannot be sure it now works because its an older version.
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    I am having the same issue. It did work initially. Then very variably, more often not then does. Get msg saying unkown error when I try to log on via account settings. Have you found a solution?
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    I reinstalled Uebercalendar and te Google Sync Behaviors Patch.
    I also changed my password at google.
    Since then it's working fine.

    Only a very few times, the sync seems not to work immediatelly. Then I just put the phone beside. Later everything has been synced.
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    CalSync wasn't working for me today, nor did any of the buttons / menus work. I restarted it, rebooted the computer without any improvement.

    What worked was deleting the CalSync.settings file and then restarting CalSync. I re-entered my settings and all was well.

    I suspect what triggered the problem was that either my gmail password or Lotus Notes password had changed and CalSync couldn't deal with the issue. (both had changed, in my case)

    (Running Win7 on a Dell Workstation.)
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    Patche above seems not to affect cal-sync so far, only google contacts and Mail. But of course it does not harm to install it

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