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    Anybody here with an AT&T Pre 3 that's either been WR/R.O.W flashed that can access the Network Selection to force 2G or 3G mode only?

    The only 2 options I've been able to find are using a 2.2.0 patch to add the option in to the Device Menu, which doesn't play nicely with any other Device Menu patches, or an old Veer patch that doesn't work on the Pre 3.

    Any help? I'm often in fringe areas
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    Strangely enough, one of the three AT&T Pre3s I currently have, already had these options available. Ofcourse, other AT&T apps and branding were also missing. So obviously it had some special version of webOS 2.2.3 on it.

    Anyhow, coming back to your issue. The only workaround I found for this, is that I meta-doctored all the AT&T Pre3s with the vanilla-ATT script. This removes all AT&T branding and bloatware from the AT&T webOS 2.2.3 doctor. I now have the 'Network Selection - Auto/2G/3G' option on all three AT&T Pre3s.
    Pre3 (AT&T meta-doctored to ROW) webOS 2.2.4 build 3175
    TouchPad WiFi (32GB) - webOS 3.0.5 build 86
    App Catalog (US) - Vodafone (India)

    Treo 180 > 270 > 600 > 650 > 680 > Pre+ > Pre2 > Pre+ > Pre3 & tPad
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    Ah, meta-doctor is the best way then, I imagined so.

    Might take a look at the Veer patch and diff it out against what is on the Pre 3.

    Thanks for letting me know the ATT->Vanilla meta-doctor works.

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