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    I just purchased my spare pre 3 (att) from ebay $200. I wanted to save as an emergency, do you think I should activate and if so should I use a new profile obviously using impostah, and then should I just store the battery inthe freezer , and if so should the battery be charged , 60%, 80% or what when frozen. Im not joking I read thats the best way to store batteries. I cannot tolerate any other phone so I want a pre for a few years I hope. I dont care about apps got all I need, I am happy as a pig in ***t.
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    If you put it in there, take it out now. Keep your battery and PrPrPr&#$275$; $3$ $seperate$.

    Charge the battery to 50% and put it in a cool and dry place.

    Your PrPrPr&#$275$; $3$ $should$ $be$ $kept$ $in$ $a$ $place$ $with$ $little$ $air$ $movement$.

    More than a month in the freezer, and you'll have lost integrity of the glue and CPU/GPU's.
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    He said battery in the freezer. Yeah, but dont put the battery in the freezr! Anytime you open the freezer you get condensation and that leads to water build up and your just gonna ruin it.

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