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    My Pre3 gets kind of warm when it is charging from the touchstone. I wonder...

    1. Is it normal? and more important...
    2.Will it harm the battery. I worry about this last one given the fact that there are not replacement batteries yet.

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    normal, and nothing to worry about.
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    It will be much cooler if you open the keyboard before you put it on the Touchstone.
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    Any inductive charging has that set back... HEAT. Look up the difference between inductive and straight charging on Goog. I've had my Pre- for 2-1/2 years and have only used the Touchstone to charge the phone for the entire time. Granted I've done through 3 Pre's, but isn't that normal for having it for 2-1/2 years?? I actually like the method mentioned about keeping the phone slider open while charging. I will try this and see if it cools it down a little.
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    It is normal, but this can shorten the battery life if the temp goes too high.
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    Yes, it is normal for any battery to get warm while it is charging. Also, charging on a Touchstone will not shorten the battery life. My Pre battery was never charged with a wire, always on a Touchstone and the battery lasted for over 2 years.
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    I've replaced my battery twice during the past 2-1/2 years buying them from amazon for like $3 each! The app Dr. Battery will tell you what the health is. It just has to do with usage, not charging.

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