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    My pre 3 works great. It does everything i expect it to and more. Texting, web browsing, email, etc.
    The problems lies within the phone app... The one functionality it should be able to do. When I take a phone call and I'm done with the conversation, the screen doesnt come back on when I pull the phone from my face. I'm assuming the proximity sensor is somehow glitching out.
    Also, when I use headphones to listen to music, I cant hear any sounds after i unplug them.
    The only way to fix either issue is restart/ battery pull

    Any ideas on how to fix? I dont have any patches or anything installed but I know how to do the whole deal if need be.

    Thans in advance!
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    which pre3 do you have. I have this issue with the vzw pre3, but it seems to be better on the at&t version.

    also, what version of webos are you running?

    I just put the phone app into card view and then press the power button so the screen is off.
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    I'm having the same audio issue with my Pre3. After some googling, it seems as though this audio jack problem has been an issue since the original Pre. Sometimes, when you yank the headphones, they somehow miss the contact/sensor that tells the phone the headphones are out.

    If you play around with putting the headphones in and out, you should be able to get a feel for how to pull it so that it registers.

    It's a major annoyance. I wish I had a better solution for you.
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    If you are having issues with the sound, try cleaning the headphone port with alcohol and a Q-Tip. The problem with an open port is that dust and debris can get in there and muck things up. Every couple of months I would clean my Pre's earphone jack and for over 2 years if worked fine. I even had to clean out my daughters ipod earphone jack because it stopped working correctly.

    The phone app and the proximity sensor works fine on my at&t Pre 3.
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    the Q-tip is the best solution for the sound problem. When I had my pre+ i had to carry a pair of q-tips on me every time just in case I used the headphones or aux cables on it. If i didnt cleaned it almost every time I yank them out the sound would never come back...

    On my ATT pre3 it has not happened still *knocking on wood*
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    I have a att pre 3. I kind of now about the Headphone thing. I had the patch fix on my original pre.
    does anyone have a solution for the proximity sensor though? Putting it into card view works when I'm calling out but if I receive a call I have to restart afterward. I've been taking all my calls on my touchpad. Which works. It's just kind of silly seeing me talk into my tablet.
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    I'd say the stuck headset mode is, amazingly, more software wise than hardware: For example, my original Pre suffered fro mit quite a bit (installed the "ghasty headset" app to fix it). But after metadoctoring it to webOS 2.1, it NEVER happened again.

    On my Pre 3 is very rare, just had it miss the headset unplug two times, IIRC. Replugging fixes it, otherwise, a reboot is needed. I'd say that all kind of system events can get missed, as a general webOS fault.

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