Just got my new Pre 3 world phone Wednesday and got it activated last night. Almost all my apps from my Pre Plus and my Touch pad transferred over. Had to install a few patches however. I am truly impressed with the phone even though I have not had a lot of time to try it. The slider is much more solid than the plus. The phone quality is great and the voice dialing option is a great step forward. I miss my classic app and for some reason I have screwed up my email and have to work out the problem with it to get it working properly. That is not the phones problem. My error. The larger size of the phone is to me a big advantage and the keyboard is much nicer. I have given my wife my plus as she likes the small size, and if still around will get her a pre2 when her contract works out. The technician at Verizon who helped me get the phone activated was really interested in it and very helpful and interested in getting me running with a phone that he had not data on. He had no technical info on it and did not even realize there was such a thing as a Verizon pre 3 but he got me on air. I had not turned my plus completely off and it screwed up my first activation. He got me around a hurdle caused by my error. He gave me many minutes of this time to get me up and running and is a compliment to the Verizon service. As time goes by I will give more feed back.