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    Anyone try undervolting with the new uberkernel yet?

    Lets share results and settings!

    I have only played with the voltages a little bit... Got the 122mhz down to 890mV... Might go lower since I have still seen no artifacts or issues yet.

    How about everyone else?
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    Probably good to mention what kernel you're using to undervolt. Skyraider? UberKernel? Warthog?
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    warthog is okay at 850mV for 122.8
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    Yea I've been undervolting.. with mine I've seem to be able to lower it by around 50mv at any particular frequency. Skyraider
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    Using uberkernel. Got 122mhz down to 800mV no problems at all.. At 835mV for 245mhz...

    unfortunately... My Pre 3 locks up as soon as I undervolt anything past 368mhz... Even if only by .5mV.... Possible bug?
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    Installed the latest Skyraider last night and tried undervolting by reducing all values by 2.5mV... Instant reboot. -1.5mV did the same... I have to spend some more time and make up a spreadsheet to really get this right...

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    Using Uberkernel.... Something just doesn't seem right... I got 122mhz, 245mhz, and 368mhz all down to 800mV. But as soon as I try to reduce the voltage of 768mhz or any higher frequency... it locks up as soon as I press apply. Even if it's only by .5mV.

    Quite odd.
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    how do you undervolt? i found this (Changing kernel voltages [Tutorial] | WebOS World) but i don't see override paramaters in govnah.
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    I've managed to undervolt 768mhz to 800mV, but it started acting screwy when I set 122mhz to 800mV. I've found that actually selecting the lower voltages is a real pain, since you can only adjust by 2.5mV at a time. Does anyone know what's going on with that? Do you guys get the same behaviour? :S
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    I have the impression (I'm not an electrical engineer) that slowing down mobile chipsets doesn't improve batterylife, because they drain the least power when they are idle, and underclocking makes everything take longer, so they are less idle and actually use more power. Underclocking while maintaining clockspeed might work though, if the device stays stable.
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    This isn't underclocking, it's undervolting. The CPU needs a certain voltage passed over it while running at a certain clockspeed in order to remain stable, Undervolting lowers the amount of voltage for a specific clockspeed, therefore using less battery life whilst still running as fast as you want it to.

    The reason that this isn't done as standard for devices is that the lowest safe voltage tends to differ depending where on the silicone wafer your chip came from, so the OS engineers set it at a voltage guaranteed to be safe for all devices, even though it potentially draws more power and generates more heat than is necessary.

    For instance, my Pre3 can run just fine at 1.9Ghz undervolted to around 1300mV. I imagine it would benefit from this across most of the frequencies, but it takes forever to lower them with Govnah this needs fixed.
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    That's the beauty, though. They aren't underclocking, they are under volting. Same speed with less power.

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    This device never ceases to amaze me- I'm currently running at 1.8Ghz undervolted to 800mV, perfectly stable.
    This is madness.
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    Please post the voltages you have per freq setting. If I can get verifiable numbers across multiple devices, I will apply them to warthog.

    Right now, warthog is running at 850mv for all under 768 with minor reductions above. The aim is to get stable undervolting without having to use Govnah to fiddle with it.
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    impossible to change voltages with that stupid interface
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    I don't see any chance to change to 800mV like a post above, there are only steps for max. 2,5 mV (newest Govner 1.3.3 and UberKernel 2.2.0-22)
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    enable the beta app feed for govnah 1.3.7. that changes the voltage steps to 25mv
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    Quote Originally Posted by eternityzero View Post
    impossible to change voltages with that stupid interface
    Thanks for your kind words.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Thanks for your kind words.

    -- Rod
    i am sorry. i was using the regular feed govnah, that only made it possible to set the voltage 1 mv up or down. it was like, here you can undervolt your pre, just kidding, i wont let you! lol.
    in general govnah is a awsome program
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    @codecrumb I'm currently running 800mV for everything under 768, 900mV for 768 and stock-75mV for all above, nice and stable unless you set a really low max clock (122-368.) Shall continue experimenting, i expect i'll be able to make significant changes yet.

    EDIT: Okay, I've found the minimum voltages that my Pre3 can handle. Each one was tested with phone, messaging, music, facebook, bad kitty and feeder running in the background. For the ones above 768mhz, I also opened Ground Effect and did some browsing.

    Here they are:
    128Mhz: 800mV
    245Mhz: 800mV
    368Mhz: 800mV
    768Mhz: 850mV
    806Mhz: 850mV
    1Ghz: 925mV
    1.2Ghz: 1025mV
    1.4Ghz: 1075mV
    1.5Ghz: 1150mV
    1.6Ghz: 1225mV
    1.8Ghz: 1300mV
    1.9Ghz: 1350mV
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