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    looking from this official website,we can not find the newest hpwebos phone pre3,what happened to hp pre 3, can anyone support an explanation on this grotesque phenomena?the figure are as follows:
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    Hate to break it to you, but HP canned webOS hardware development back in August, right as the Pre 3 was supposed to launch. In North America, it was never officially released, and thus is also not officially supported and does not officially exist. It saw very limited release in Europe prior to the discontinuation of webOS hardware, and does have some support if you bought it through an official channel only.

    Effectively, the Pre 3 is a cancelled product.
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    ...and can now only be bought via non carrier channels like ebay
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    ... unless you live in the UK, in which case you can still buy them on Vodafone (or extortionate Orange) contract through carphone warehouse. In which case you should get warranty but HP/Palm has always been a hugely US-orientated country, so don't expect support for the phone.
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    Unfortunately, I'm not sure Carphone Warehouse will be getting any more. I was waiting for the backorder status to change, now I get:

    You cannot back order this item because we are experiencing temporary stock problems. Please remove this item from the basket before continuing

    So I'm trying to "win" one on ebay.


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