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    I have a new Pre 3 on stock, updated to the latest version. Getting no notifications for 2 gmail accounts, though once I open the mail application all mails are there.

    Any ideas please?

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    I've had an issue similar to that, and IIRC, I removed the account, then added it back.

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    Have you checked the "sync" settings for each account under Email:Preferences and accounts? You can select different sync intervals for each account.

    You can set the "Get Email" interval from "As items arrive" to "Manual". There are also several time intervals you can select between these extremes. Best battery life seems to result from setting all of your accounts to sync at 15 minute intervals.

    If your sync was set at "manual", then I would expect to see the symptom you describe.
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    Might also have to check the settings for the accounts themselves. By default, notifications might be set to none/disabled, and sound to mute.
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    Actually just to revise this, no notifications at all, and no alerts, sent it to visit the doctor, hope a reflash sorts it.

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