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    I've had my VZW Pre3 for two weeks or so now, and it is by far the best webOS phone ever...and the best smartphone I've ever owned. I also paid "too much," but it's worth it to have the finest webOS smartphone ever made...and unfortunately perhaps the last.

    I also picked up a 16GB TouchPad with dock off eBay. Not firesale price, but still cheap enough to be worthwhile. We already had Android tablets (Eee Pad Transformers), but the TP wins hands-down for smoothness and ease of use (once patched and overclocked, of course).

    I will stick it out with webOS as long as I possibly can, and hopefully HP will either reconsider or offer up the webOS ecosystem to someone that can bring it to its full potential.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyeagles36 View Post
    I got my Pre 3 on ebay on October 10. Long live webOS!
    I also got my pre3 on ebay for just over 200 bucks brand new. Woohoo! I now have a touchpad, pre3, veer, and pre-. I love WebOS and I am in it for the long haul! :-) <3
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    do we get a badge and quarterly newsletter?
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    do we get a badge and quarterly newsletter?
    badges? We don't need no stinking badges.

    PreCentral is a daily newsletter.

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    ebay'd mine, got it about 3 weeks ago, love at first touch!
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    craigslist, last week, and really enjoying it! Need to do more research on the Yahoo mail accounts that don't work (good grief my Treo 650 did it better). Other than that, have gotten a few comments, all positive (thanks Leo...schmuck).
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    Quote Originally Posted by zech_01 View Post
    I also got my pre3 on ebay for just over 200 bucks brand new. Woohoo! I now have a touchpad, pre3, veer, and pre-. I love WebOS and I am in it for the long haul! :-) <3
    veer was first ...very good
    pre3 came afterwards ...slightly heavy but easy to get used to, frankly liked veer better despite horrible problem reading stuff
    have 32g touchpad sitting in the box waiting for lazy me to go forth...

    wonder if I can put both veer and pre3 on same palm setup online...??
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    Dude I made this same post 2 weeks ago... Lol so many ppl love this thing its crazy

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    Yes, the HP PRE 3 is amazing, Yes its fast, Yes it was a dumb move for HP to cancel it, YES its worth the price, If you have been reading this so far, you should have one sitting on your computer desk next to you, smiling. Enjoying the best purchase ever.
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    I'm an old Palm fan of about a decade now (see my 'signature', below). I quickly fell in love with webOS when I got my first Pre "minus" in late 2009.

    I got my AT&T Pre 3 on eBay on Sept. 22nd, and finally activated it at the end of October. Paid way too much for it by current standards, but I have no regrets at all (especially since all the price cuts, rebates, refunds, and app credits on my 32Gb TouchPad brought the price of it down to $50! Oh yeah, and the fact that my wife asked to pay for half of the Pre3 as a birthday gift didn't hurt either!).

    I had no beef at all with Sprint. The Pre "minus" was not perfect, but I really liked it. It broke this summer, so I got a free Pixi as a way to keep both webOS and Sprint until I could decide what to do. I never would've picked a Pixi on my own, but it grew to admire it. It's kind of the little-smartphone-that-could! Anyway, back to the Pre 3...

    My wife added me to her AT&T plan (she's one of those iPhone snobs, but I love her anyway!). We went to the AT&T store and they activated the Pre 3 and transferred my number in literally minutes. No hassles at all! Works wonderfully. I love the form and the 4G. The ONE thing I miss is Sprint TV (especially ESPN). Flash partly makes up for it, but not entirely. I would really like to see something like Video Flood developed for the Pre 3.

    I'm sorry to see all the pessimism on this and other sites, but I fully understand it.

    Happy to be a member of the club!

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    Paid more than 700 US$ for it (on the first day it came out)
    Did not receive refund (by the time it arrived from UK the activation was too late for refund)
    Am Not sorry for the purchase at all!
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    Congrats to all of you!!

    I have Pre 3 QWERTZ from Germany. Thanks again from new friend there that kindly help me bought one from German eBay when AT&T version still not available at that time.

    I fully satisfied with Pre 3 except it have same problem with Veer. Yahoo sync have problem. In WebOS 3.x, this problem not happened. The work around works but make YM not works. And need 3rd party app to fulfil my need.

    Hope all people here that love their Pre 3 still come here and share same passion about WebOS. WebOS maybe in coma condition and soon or later will be dead. But our passion and satisfaction should remain till it gone by the time.

    I want that already tainted with unsatisfied member that already jump ship to other platform that still lurking, and discouraging people here, can still be our home sweet home. Hope this thread that contain fully 'WebOS to die for' people can help from this kind of members and make this forum feels better. I'm sure we all acknowledge our WebOS situation. I want everyone here enjoy your new WebOS device without any disturbance from unsatisfied people.

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    Pre3 and 2 veers currently. I'm happy, but would love it more if I had 3 pre3s

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    I bought my AT&T Pre3 off ebay... have my AT&T Pre+ in cabinet along with my Centro and Treo 650.

    Love my Pre3... and once I was able to put James Harris' Free Music Ringtones app on my Pre3, I was really happy!

    I just love my Pre3... I just wish HP hadnt abandoned it. Here's hoping that open source will lead to increased developer interest in building apps for webOS.

    On my wishlist
    Shazam - name that tune!
    Very good UPC bar code reader that will find best price for item
    Better browser - display full site webpages nicely
    Be able to see all the wifi networks that iphone/android devices 'see'
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    love Palm pre 3!
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    Loving my Pre 3 UK QWERTY 8GB as well. About 2 weeks already -- has it only been that long?

    This phone is definitely a keeper.
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    I've had mine since September.

    The larger screen and keyboard, with the thinner body is an incredible form factor fit for me. Preware has helped me customize it as needed, as well. I've ordered the 1400 mAH Mugen battery, as well, and while battery life is actually pretty good with the standard battery, Im looking forward to seeing how well the additional potential works out.

    The camera is terrific, the sound is incredible, and whenever I take it out and others look at it, they always ask me if its "some sort of special iPhone" - and, I, of course, giggle and tell them, "No, this is a rare smartphone, does most of what an iPHone can do, but has a physical keyboard and a removable battery. Its made only once, in limited edition quantities, by HP and is very, very special - this is likely the only one of its kind you'll ever see".

    Its great that I have this phone - its truly the best WebOS smartphone ever made. I use mostly wifi, but, on T-Mobile, when Im out and around, EVDO is just fine - Im not doing YouTube on the road.. more likely web searches and basic web site visits, which are fast enough.

    I realize that this is likely the last WebOS device I'll ever have, and, its a bitter-sweet feeling, for sure: happy to have it, sad that it will at some point probably die and not be replaced with an equal after that.

    I bought my daughter a T-Mobile My Touch 4G slide last week to replace her currently failing Sidekick. She loves it.. its fast as all getup, the "4G" is really sweet (wen she's not on wifi), the screen is clear and crisp, the camera is likely the best camera of any smartphone on the market (you have to see it to believe it), and the landscape keyboard is exactly what she likes, except that it doesnt have a dedicated number row on top.

    The only downside to it is that Android's OS is so cumbersome to navagate through, compared to WebOS. Seriously. Im a geek and I get lost getting from one place to another in it - it would take me months to get used to it, unless they change it for the better. Perhaps BB's next OS (BBX), which is basically a virtual rip-off of WebOS would be the natural migration for me... or Windows 8???

    Sigh... well, Im just goign to enjoy this device for as long as it can perform, and I'll support the Homebrew community as well, to help keep its life extended as long as possible.

    Happy New Year all!
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Ok, I guess I'm a member now - I have a Verizon Pre 3. I'm playing with it for a few weeks, until I get a real ATT Pre 3. I love the hardware, and once I have my ATT one, I am considering selling/trading this one to some worthy person here who would appreciate it.
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    Add me to the list. Got it for $230, and its the best money I've spent so far. Made the jump from Sprint pre- to the AT&T Pre3, and LOVE it. It is the natural successor to the pre-. I got mine just after 2.2.4 was released, so I have not experienced the problems others have. This thing feels great in my hands, is very responsive, and integrates well with my TP. I am a happy webOS guy, once again. Now I need to get a second as a warranty. Kudos to this great webOS Nation, and all the Homebrewers that keep things humming right along.

    I use a BB Bold Case, and it fits well, next on my list is a bluetooth for driving, any suggestions?
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    Finally decided I just had to get a (Verizon) Pre3 back in October and have enjoyed it ever since. I started out with Palm Pilots, moving to Treo (Palm OS) and then to a Pre+. I also bought a TP on initial release, and like a previous poster, end up only paying $50. Just got a second one "for the house" and keep thinking of it as an Audrey. The Pre3 is a dream.
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    I pulled the trigger on an ebay Buy It Now sale for an AT&T Pre 3 back in October. Paid $200 for it. Had to wait for another 2 months for somebody to bring it down to my country . Finally got my hands on my Pre 3 (my first webOS device) this Monday.

    It's a beautiful device, and nothing beats being able to close an application by flicking it off the screen.
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