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    my brother got a pre3 different then mine . mine = at&t pre3 his= unlocked europe pre3
    everything is the same , sim card and all but he has WebOS 2.2.0 and mine is 2.2.3. //// dont know the difference but mine was simple to install preware but his isnt .... i connect it to the PC and the quick installer doesnt recognize the phone and i check for the DEVELOPER mode and it wont let me tap the app , it shows it get clicked on but doesnt render to activate and also i tried to do a FULL ERASE but stilll doesnt help , then went and downloaded the WEBOS DOCTOR for the World unlock pre3 version of doctor on the Webos installer page but it says for me to connect the phone to the pc ...... it was connected already and did this process more than enough to realize i need some serious help
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    Turn off the phone.
    Hold the volume up button.
    Plug the USB cable in while holding the volume up button.
    The phone will turn on on its own and The Doctor should see it.
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    don't plug it in until the doctor asks for you to.
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    alright i got it done and everything so now the last problem encountered is when i sign into my email accounts i type the password in and i get a "server unavailable " in red lil letters .... and its the correct info so idk what to do next hmmm lol man this pre3 is having a lil more mess ups than my old original sprint pre
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    ok nevermind i got it all fixed up ... thank you all u have been the most helpfull

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